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Welcome to the Discussion

I’m glad you’re here. This is a space where I put out ideas, reflections, videos, advice, questions on persuasion, business communication, entrepreneurship; and where I receive wonderful feedback and discussion from you, from a fast growing community of passionate people.

Where to Start Exploring?

If you’re here because you are passionate about learning and growing, personally and professionally, then you’re in the right place.  Some categories to start exploring might be Business, Communication, Entrepreneur, Life Lessons, Public Speaking, Purpose.

If you have any questions, you can reach me a few ways:  “Hello!”… that’s probably easiest on Twitter.   “I have a question…”  maybe better on Facebook or LinkedIn?

What is your Struggle right now?

There’s a parable that Socrates had a student who asked him, “How can I get wisdom?” Socrates walked him down to the ocean until they were both standing waist-high in the water. Then he grabbed the student’s head and pushed it underwater, holding it there while the student struggled and panicked. When he let go and the student stood up, gasping for air, Socrates said, “When you want wisdom as much as you wanted that next breath, you’ll get it.”

I spend most of my time learning – reading, studying, and reflecting. But I’ve been neglecting the other important part: using what I learn to create something useful.

Most of my posts have been in response to questions I get from you.

So, to get me writing again, I could use some questions. Tell me what you’re struggling with right now. Even if it’s something really small, don’t hesitate.  If you want to hear my thoughts on something, please email me a single question now.

Have a great week


  1. Sandeep Thakur · · Reply

    Pleasure to be here :), this is truly a special moment for me because i am feeling positive wives around me about my fears, my doubts, my weaknesses.

  2. 結婚式 ドレス

  3. herve bousset · · Reply

    Great stuff that could empower many people and companies…what is you telephone number so that I can contact you?

  4. I think it is the honest humility in your speaking that is attractive and draws my attention. very refreshing.

    Your message and content is compelling.

    keep up the good work, use your talents wisely.

    I am listening

    1. Thank you for the kind words ;-)

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