1 Day Listening Challenge

Pay €10 every time you use the word “but…”

“But” is justification.  It is proving that I am right.  It is refusing to accept that my model of the world might need to adapt to a new and changing world.

Who’s Listening?

Could you do this tomorrow?

If you can’t manage the whole day, how about one meeting?  Could you set this as a personal growth challenge for one hour in one meeting tomorrow?

“No Feedback on Feedback”
Last week I had 150 senior managers on a 5 day seminar.  Florian Mueck introduced the concept of “no feedback on feedback”.  It became a chant by mid-week and an ingrained habit by the end of the week.  Participants listened to the meaning behind the communication – they were no longer dedicating any of their brainpower to showing why their past action was valid, only in accepting how that action was received by others.  (They are under no requirement to change, just to accept without justification).

The only remaining question
Which charity will you give your donations to?   One idea for this week: Lance Armstrong Livestrong organisation Improves the Lives of people affected by cancer.

Author: Conor Neill

Hi, I’m Conor Neill, an Entrepreneur and Teacher at IESE Business School. I speak about Moving People to Action.

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