What I want for Barcelona 2021

BarcelonaWhat I want for Barcelona in 2021:

  • Startups are a cool thing to do
  • There are lots of startups
  • Weather attracts, but passion and action keeps people in Barcelona
  • Comfortable Inaction is viewed with contempt.
  • The sun still shines just like today in 2011
  • City’s around the world turn to Barcelona Activa as an example of how to foster Entrepreneurship in a city
  • Potential entrepreneurs take action (launch your Minimum Viable Product; there is too much “networking” and too little “launching” at the moment)
  • “Trilingüisme” works.  Catalan is a living language.  Spanish is spoken well.  Written and spoken English is fluent in all parts of society.
  • Increased chance of meeting people who can help you (top global serial entrepreneurs, top global angels, top innovation VCs, top teams of Facebook, Google, Amazon stop by Barcelona on a regular basis to catch up with the local scene; Active Capital Partners’ Venturepreneur Community is the largest and most active in the world)
  • Most Entrepreneurs are Serial Entrepreneurs building scaleable businesses
  • People care about what entrepreneurs are doing (as opposed to treating as unemployed); big companies + government value innovation (at same price, preference is for younger supplier)
  • Verne Harnish and Gazelles puts on their anual Growth Summit to a record attendance of 10,000 growth entrepreneurs from around the world
  • Palau de La Musica, Liceu regularly attract the worlds great musicians
  • Architects are not called Architects if they have not spent 6 months living in Barcelona
  • Terence Robinson has launched his “Connection/Learning Space” – a central hub where anyone can drop in and be connected to others that share their passions, interests.
  • Farley Duvall’s White Bull Summit attracts 5000 attendees
  • Xavier Colomer’s Barcelona Developer Conference bring the top technology pioneers from around the world to Barcelona
  • Zero waste – the city has eradicated plastic packaging, all excess foods are composted.  The bin in the kitchen is a remnant of the past.
  • FC Barcelona picks up the Liga, Copa del Rey and the Champions League trophies.  Leo Messi is still here.
  • IESE Business School remains amongst the top Global Business schools; engagement between LaSalle, UPC, UB, ESADE, IE, Pompeu Fabra creates Barcelona as a worldwide centre of excellence in Teaching, Values Driven Business, Leadership and Entrepreneurship.
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week is a massive citywide celebration of innovation
  • Ellas 2.0 gives female entrepreneurs great role models and massive self-belief
  • The Citizens of the city understand Pay It Forward. Schools transmit these values. Society values this attitude. 
  • Optimism is contagious, Pessimists are ignored.
  • City government and Police focus on eliminating petty crime, pick-pockets and establishing a safe street life
  • Petrol and Diesel cars no longer circulate within the city
  • There is a statue of Steve Jobs outside the Barcelona Activa Building at Llacuna 162.
What have I missed? What is your Barcelona 2021?

Author: Conor Neill

Hi, I’m Conor Neill, an Entrepreneur and Teacher at IESE Business School. I speak about Moving People to Action.

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