Are you a Dog or a Wolf?

There are 2 types of life.  The Dog or the Wolf.

Are you a Dog or are you a Wolf?


Dogs are hierarchical social-status animals.  They hunt in packs.  They fight for power within their pack.  Their success or failure is entirely defined by their position within the hierarchy of the pack.  The higher up the social order, the longer they live, the more they eat…  and the more offspring they procreate.


Wolves are territorial animals.  They find their own territory.  They each are leader in their own territory.  They can all be successes in their lives.

Dog or Wolf.  Which are you?

The choice:  Wolf = Territory (create your own value system) or Dog = Hierarchy (measure against other’s value systems).

Author: Conor Neill

Hi, I’m Conor Neill, an Entrepreneur and Teacher at IESE Business School. I speak about Moving People to Action.

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