The Focus for 2013

IESE Classroom
IESE Classroom

The photo is the view just before my last class of 2012. As we reach the end of another year, I am reminded of a quote “The days go slow, the years go fast.” This year has flown by. I feel like summer has only just passed, and here we are approaching the end of the year.

I wish you health and grand adventures for 2013. January sets the tone for the year. What’s your 20-Mile march for 2013?

100,000 Video Views


Thanks to your help my Educational YouTube channel The Rhetorical Journey achieved over 100,000 views this year. YouTube has overtaken my blog as the most consumed information that I have on the web.

My most viewed video is Improve Your Speaking with

  • 127,000 minutes watched
  • 50% of viewers have watched more than 3:20 minutes of the video.

Focus and Discipline

My 3 words for 2012 were:

  • Create
  • Connect
  • Complete

I didn’t complete my one BIG project for 2012 – write a book.  However, I did manage to create a lot of content in my procrastination.  Plenty of video on the YouTube channel, an online course and an iTunes podcast; new seminar formats and seminars in new countries.

How was your 2012?  Did you have a focus?

What will 2013 be for you?  What words will represent your year?

Happy 2013 from me to you.

36 responses to “The Focus for 2013”

  1. Ready!

  2. Expectant! Conor, I did finish my book in 2012, but that’s only the half of it. Marketing is the harder part but I don’t think you will struggle with that area as much as most authors do. They aren’t out looking for me so I must find them and their need.
    I love your teaching videos! Keep up the great work. Blessings and peace for the coming year!

    1. Well done on finishing your book Kimberly!

  3. Thank you mr Neill. As you ask for it, my 20 mile march is 2 new potentials per day. What is your 20 mile single sentence? Happy 2013

    1. My 20 miles remains the same as 2012… write 500 words a day; however, I see that youtube has become my single biggest online visit generator through my channel and now 41 videos uploaded… so will be making sure to turn more text into videos 😉

  4. Excited. It’s Christmas!

    1. I hope Santa treats you well 😉

  5. Hi Conor,

    I share with you that “frustration” of the book in 2012 (half written in 2011 in my case…). Did I have “focus”? On other fronts yes, partially yes, and in between… a lesson learned from 2012 is that I had way too many objectives, that is an overall lack of focus…

    I’ll have to learn to let go, to say “no”, etc, etc

    Looking forward to your 3 words for 2013 (I may take part of your advise of focusing on fewer thing).

    Merry Xmas

  6. ready

  7. Full!

    1. I love it! I have some great videos from the summer to pass to you. Keep well. Best from Barcelona.

  8. “Encouraged” to work on my projects for 2013.

    1. Great stuff Olga 😉

  9. Hi Connor!

    Optimism is the word! We all need plenty of that facing new ventures both in business and in personal life. Despite the tough times we are living in, let’s find the bright side of life aknowledging that it seems that the world won’t end today! 🙂

    Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013.

    1. Rational Optimism is great, irrational optimism is a fantasy… keep the optimism and keep the rationality 😉 Happy 2013

  10. Hi Conor… Keep up the good work my friend. – RICK

    1. Best from Barcelona to Oslo 😉

  11. Hi Connor,

    Wish you Merry Christmas, Prosperous and Peaceful 2013.
    Each day comes as exciting.

    1. Thank you Anwar

  12. Perseverance. The only option.

    1. You mean “sofa” is not an option? Best from Barcelona to you 😉

  13. Hopeful … hopeful that the world will not end today, hopeful that we will find a way to move the world forward, hopeful that we will leave a better world for future generations
    and … hopeful that I’ll manage to get most things done before Christmas; and to do that, “I’m Goff and I’m off!. Have a wonderful festive season and keep inspiring people, Conor

    1. I seem to still be here… so maybe the Mayan’s didn’t factor in facebook, or air travel or something… Have a great Goff break 😉

  14. Conor, thank you for your continuous call to action.
    I believe that in crisis lays the seed of renovation, and I think it’s in our hands (you want it or not) to take action and do whatever we can to contribute to the new world that is awaiting us (no, I’m not thinking of the Maya calendar at all) Here’s my thoughts on a world of opportunities http://feathe.rs/201212061586
    So my 3 words for 2013: opportunity, abundance, uniqueness.
    All the best! Leonardo

    1. Great words Leonardo 😉

  15. Jorge Rachetti Butler Avatar
    Jorge Rachetti Butler

    Hi Conor,

    Merry Christmas and great start of 2013!


    1. Thanks Jorge 😉

  16. I’ve been here poking, grinding, and digging here and there by looking for new opportunities…I’m crafting my future

    1. Keep on poking, grinding and digging!!!! Best to you

  17. Ecatherine Matnadze Avatar
    Ecatherine Matnadze

    whole… spirited… warm…

    1. 3 great words 😉

  18. A good way to make us think about our new year projects! I learned I have to plan even better…
    Thanks for that.

    1. Thank you Silvia, I loved your guest post on the blog 😉

  19. Hello Connor.
    In 2013 I´m thinking on “opportunities” in all senses: for my clients (entrepreneurs) and for me.
    Merry Christmas

    1. Javier – I wish you luck in those opportunities 😉

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