Am I someone people can believe in?

If life’s journey is like a bus ride: there are drivers, and there are passengers.

(there are also conductors, there are navigators, there are engineers…)

There are a lot more passengers on the bus than drivers.

What does it take to be a driver?

The drivers are people that passengers can believe in.  Who do we believe in?  I am reminded of the Trust Equation.  Trust is made up of 4 elements – credibility, reliability, intimacy and other-orientation.

Sometimes I am a passenger on the journey: I am seeking validation of my ideas, my projects and my life.

Great teachers know how to balance enough validation with enough allowance for the development of self-validation capacity.  The best teachers are mature enough to avoid giving me the explicit validation that I think I want, but they know that if they give it, I will become an addict to their validation, not to building my own inner capacity to self-validate.

…and my next question for today:

Whats the difference between a rockstar and a guy with a guitar in his bedroom?

Answers below…  What do you think?

9 responses to “Am I someone people can believe in?”

  1. The rockstar is one who knows what he/she wants in life. He has focus . The one with a guitar is yet undecided on what to do with is life.

  2. I don’t know what makes someone a Rockstar but the guy in the bedroom with a guitar is someone who is yet not ready to go out and face the crowd all by himself.

  3. Abhinav Dwivedi Avatar
    Abhinav Dwivedi

    not sure what makes someone a Rockstar but the guy in the bedroom with a guitar is someone who is still not ready to go out face the crowd all by himself.

    1. That is definitely one of the ingredients… courage to put himself out there… and risk criticism…

  4. Absolutely true. We need too much validation from others. Let’s remember that stops us from being ourselves. We need more cooperative drivers, working together but being ourselves.My own elements? : empathy, respect, synergy.

  5. The rockstar lives the life that the guy with the guitar in his room dreams about living

  6. the guitarist in room is merely a soul searching wanderer however the rockstar is that guitarist who transpired his emotions into the rhythmic music and took a chance

  7. A person with a guitar in her room reminds me of a person who attends a guitar class twice a week for four hours. She goes there almost with a little interest and practices only when her teacher pushes her. On the other hand, rockstars believe in 2-hour practice every single day and the only people who validate their work are themselves and their fans.

    Have a nice weekend Conor 🙂

  8. Great post, Conor! It has me thinking about a lot of the topics that we talk about at White Bull. Will also have a look at Charles Green and “TheTrust Equation.”

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