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I have the privilege of teaching at a number of top business schools around the world.  Last week I gave classes at Harvard and at MIT.  This is a video from IEEM Business School in Montevideo, Uruguay where I spend a week each October teaching on their MBA and Executive Leadership programs.

The video is a good short (90 seconds) description of what I want participants to learn through my Leadership Communications program.

The 4 Keys to Great Communication

  1. Have something to say
  2. Say it well
  3. Say it with intensity
  4. Connect with the audience

Check out the video

and here’s a gratuitous photo of me at Harvard last week…

4 responses to “What I teach…”

  1. You are always one of my favorite reads because not only do you do the first three well, your authenticity makes a connection in every post, video and speech. It’s always a delight.

  2. Tus alumnas dispersas aprovechan tus enseñanzas:

    http://www.baliusbar.com (abierto hace 2 años)

    y ahora he montado este festival en Poblenou.

    No está mal.

    Tendría más dinero si me concentrara en lo mío, pero no sería más rica

    Rosa Solà

  3. I agree with what you say. You always new how to simplify complex issues in corporate communication

    1. Thank you Roshan 😉

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