Seven Leadership Lessons From Brexit

“Leadership is the art of making difficult judgments in the face of uncertainty, and it is about shaping a path for others to follow.” Prof. Julian Birkinshaw, London Business School.

Professor Birkinshaw provides 7 lessons from the political turmoil of Brexit – about how to fail, and occasionally how to succeed as a leader.

Business leadership is not quite the same as a political leadership, however the basic principles of leadership are universal. Whether you are a CEO or an aspiring middle manager, here are seven important takeaways from the Brexit…

Seven Leadership Lessons from Brexit

  1. Emotion Beats Logic, And Hope Beats Fear
  2. Experts Don’t Count For Much At All
  3. Activism Is A Priceless Quality
  4. Know The Limits Of Crowdsourcing
  5. Leaders Reap What They Sow
  6. Time Your Run Carefully
  7. You Aren’t A Leader If You Don’t Have Any Followers

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One of my favourite tweets from the post Brexit twitterstorm…

Author: Conor Neill

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