Success is a few good habits repeated every day, failure is…

Jim Rohn had a wonderful saying: “Success is a few good habits repeated every day, Failure is a few bad decisions repeated every day”

If you are reading this via email, the video is here Success is a Few Good Habits Repeated Every Day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is old wisdom but relates to success in our lives. What are your apples? Your daily positive habits? Let me know in the comments below 😉

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  1. My day apple is One Pomodoro per day…
    Stay focus for 20 min…Silent …give my another level of focus.

    1. I like that goal. I aim at 3 pomodoros per day… but one silent pomodoro might be a great addition… good reflection!

  2. Hi,
    So far–I just started following you– I love your posts!!
    My good habits are pretty basic. I eat 4 times a day on a regular schedule , I sleep 8 hours a night, ( when I was a kid my mom told me a lie that helped me sleep. She said laying quietly with my eyes closed was almost as good as sleeping. So I never worried about not sleeping) I exercise almost every day, I get lots of sunshine and fresh air ( I love being outside). I keep in contact with friends and family. I am retired, but when I worked I kept on top of things and planned ahead. Without the basics, it is easy to get behind or out of sink- or just hungry, tired or depressed –and not function well.

    1. I like your mum’s simple tip! I could use that some nights. Sun on my face – I like that as a habit. Going to sit on my terrace with a coffee now 😉

  3. Nicely Put!

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