18 Influence Methods to Move People to Action

This video shares 18 Influence Methods that can help you Move People to take Action, and then stay committed to the course of action.

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The 18 Methods are:

Achieve Short Term Action

– Use statistics 1:35
– Cite credible sources 1:56
– Reference policies, standards or rules 2:12
– Establish urgency or scarcity 2:32
– Demonstrate pain and gain 3:39
– Build alliances 4:27
– Use social proof 4:49
– Use reciprocity 6:01
– Encourage commitments and consistency 7:28
– Use contrasts 8:22
– Make ideas tangible (“the wall” vs immigration reform) 9:33

Establish Long term Commitment

– Identify shared values and principles 11:31
– Connect to higher level goals 12:50
– Build rapport and trust 13:31
– Like and be likeable 14:51
– Request their assistance or advice 15:47
– Be influenceable 18:05
– Lead by example 18:44

More information on The Trust Equation

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