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Tony Anagor
Tony Anagor

Tony Anagor, a long time friend and fellow teacher at IESE Business School, is a great source of wisdom on negotiation.

A great start to understanding Tony’s work is his article: The 7 Principles of Powerful Negotiation.

Over the 18 years that I have known Tony he has consistently been able to engage with me in some of the most powerful, clarifying conversations of my life. I can immediately think of three times when he asked a question that has profoundly altered my perspective on life or business.

How will you feel when you achieve all this?

About 16 years ago, in the first of these conversations… he asked about how achieving my goals would impact my life… and I realised that I really didn’t know… and I started doing the work to understand what I was really looking for out of “success”.

How much do you want to do what is in the plan?

8 years ago, the second of these conversations he challenged me to ensure that I was getting what I personally needed out of life. I showed him a business plan for my current business… and he asked me “1 to 10, how much do you want to do what is in this plan?”… and I didn’t like my answer… which led to a big shift in my approach.

On the real nature of trust…

The third of these conversations was about friendship and trust. I am still processing his final question 😉

The “Empathy at the Table” Podcast

I recently joined him on his “Empathy at the Table” podcast. Here is the episode on youtube:

We spoke about my journey to teaching and entrepreneurship and lessons on communications, on leadership and on negotiation.

Some of the things we discussed on the podcast:

  • 1:16 how you became a teacher?
  • 6:35 your life lived backwards begins to make sense, but lived forwards is about being open to opportunities…
  • 10:40 developing credibility as a teacher
  • 12:30 how to approach negotiations
  • 14:09 identifying “non-negotiables”
  • 16:00 how Vistage allows me to develop great relationships with leaders
  • 17:23 who inspires you? are they around you today?

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Author: Conor Neill

Hi, I’m Conor Neill, an Entrepreneur and Teacher at IESE Business School. I speak about Moving People to Action.

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