The Greatest Distance in the Universe

The greatest distance in the universe… is within us. It is the distance between our potential and our actual performance.

When we are young, we have so much potential: talents, dreams, and capabilities. Most of these possibilities remain just that – potential, unmanifested and untapped. It is horrible to look at the chasm between what we could potentially achieve and what we actually do.

“Actions speak louder than words.”

Intentions are the seeds of every great deed, but only action has the power to change the world.

Good intention with no action is like a car that never leaves the garage. It might be comfortable to sit in, but it’s going nowhere.

So, how do we bridge this gap? It starts with self-awareness, the courage to act, and the acceptance that most action steps are very small.

Author: Conor Neill

Hi, I’m Conor Neill, an Entrepreneur and Teacher at IESE Business School. I speak about Moving People to Action.

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