Welcome to the University of Pamplona MS2 Origin Program. This is a welcome message from Conor Neill for the participants of the upcoming program in Pamplona from 31 May to 4 June 2021.

How do those who are successful go on and make a truly lasting impact? Focus (no athlete wins 100m and marathon) Time horizon (Jeff bezos handstand) Habits (little habits every day > big decisions once a decade) Love the Process/Plateau (bamboo – it doesn’t always look like progress) Connected Relationships (communications, trust) Check out the… Continue reading 5 Ways Successful People Increase their Impact

Addition More, more, more… more projects, more goals, more connections… is the path to overwhelm. Subtraction Less, less, less… less projects, less goals, less connections… is the path to focus and renewal and energy. I heard Mathew McConnachy in an interview yesterday. He said that back 10 years ago he was a movie actor, he… Continue reading Subtraction