Improving your Strengths or Improving your Weaknesses

You cannot win the marathon by sprinting. The winner of the 100m in the Olympics might also win the 200m, but will never be competitive in the 10K… or marathon …or rowing, or judo… Gold medal athletes focus on their strengths and work to amplify their strengths. Usain Bolt doesn’t spend training time trying to … Continue reading “Improving your Strengths or Improving your Weaknesses”

Deleting Instagram, Facebook and Twitter from my phone

On returning from the summer holidays, iPhone Screen Time showed that I had used my phone for over 4 hours a day. I hated this idea. That 4 full hours each day in some way were glued to a small screen. There is plenty of facetime calls and zoom calls… but a large portion has … Continue reading “Deleting Instagram, Facebook and Twitter from my phone”

Stress, Pressure and Focussing on What you Actually Control

It has been a busy summer of high performance – in particular the Tokyo Olympics. There were 2 interviews with athletes that really struck me for the perspectives they were taking towards their performance and results. The video below shares these two healthy mental approaches to life. Pressure vs Stress The first interview was with … Continue reading “Stress, Pressure and Focussing on What you Actually Control”

Learn something

Author T.H. White on learning as a cure for sadness: “The best thing for being sad… is to learn something. That is the only thing that never fails. You may grow old and trembling in your anatomies, you may lie awake at night listening to the disorder of your veins, you may miss your only love, you … Continue reading “Learn something”

Limiting Beliefs

This is a list from Vered Kogan, Vistage Chair. Lots of our coaching work in Vistage involves helping leaders identify limitations in their beliefs that restrict their opportunities for personal and professional growth. What Are Limiting Beliefs? A limiting belief is an opinion about the world that stops you seeing some potential paths or resources … Continue reading “Limiting Beliefs”

IESE Instagram Live: How Writing Helps your Career

This is the recording of a session I did yesterday with IESE Business School on the topic of writing as a tool to help your career. In this context, writing is not so much about writing for magazines or in a blog… but writing to set goals, to stay focussed, to identify what is important, … Continue reading “IESE Instagram Live: How Writing Helps your Career”

What evidence would change your mind?

I was listening to Shane Parrish interview Adam Grant on his knowledge project podcast last week. Adam was speaking of the loss of rationality in many public domains. Politics, gender, science, global warming, race relations… are all domains where it has become dangerous to ask questions or engage with open curiosity. As Adam was speaking … Continue reading “What evidence would change your mind?”


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The 3 Approaches to Work

I recently heard Sadhguru share 3 ways that people approach life and work: Idiot – these people don’t enjoy what they do each day Smart – these people have created a life where they do enjoy the activity and the people that they spend time with each day Genius – these people have learnt to … Continue reading “The 3 Approaches to Work”

Should I write out my speech?

“On many occasions I have seen presenters who thought that displaying a great memory was more important than punching home a well-crafted message.” Terry Neill This is a guest post by my father Terry Neill. It is an edited version of 2 emails that I was cc’ed into recently. Christmas 2019. We were in St … Continue reading “Should I write out my speech?”