3 Life and Leadership Lessons from my Father

My father is by all accounts a successful leader. There are 3 “superpowers” that he has that I think have helped him have such a positive effect in each of these environments. My father has had a long and successful career in business leading to a decade as the Chairman of the Board of Accenture, … Continue reading “3 Life and Leadership Lessons from my Father”

3 things people need from a Leader

Alan Mulally, ex-CEO of Ford, spoke to the Vistage membership recently. He shared his own life story, and his advice to CEOs on how to lead in these times of uncertainty. People need from Leaders: I share what people are looking for in the video below. If you liked this video, you will also like … Continue reading “3 things people need from a Leader”

The $5 Challenge – A Stanford Strategy Story…

Back in 2009, Stanford prof Tina Seelig split students in the school of engineering into teams and gave them an envelope containing $5. Teams had only two hours to generate as much money as possible. Each team would get three minutes to present their project to the entire class. Here is Tina’s own article explaining the experience: The $5 … Continue reading “The $5 Challenge – A Stanford Strategy Story…”

3 Rules of Great Questions

Most people don’t ask good questions. I’ve been leading Vistage in Spain for the last 5 years. We coach CEOs to increase their effectiveness and improve their quality of life. We do this with questions. I’ve spent these last 5 years paying attention to how people use questions. I recently came across a thread on … Continue reading “3 Rules of Great Questions”

Making Committed Decisions

…is much better than making “correct” decisions On making Committed Decisions… A committed decision is much more powerful than a “correct” decision. A committed decision takes full responsibility. A committed decision knows that there are risks and challenges that you will have to find a way to overcome. A committed decision changes your life. More … Continue reading “Making Committed Decisions”

Are you overwhelmed with problems?

Are you overwhelmed with the weight of the world? Are too many problems weighing you down and making life feel heavy? Are you tired? I heard this story on the Tim Ferriss podcast recently, and I found it quite profound for such a seemingly “simple” story. It reminds me of another video that I made … Continue reading “Are you overwhelmed with problems?”

Build Strong Foundations

Build Strong Foundations before you grow higher. Are you investing in your own Foundations – or are you building the house of your life on sand? Leadership coach Luis Soares shared the story in the video below a few years ago on a leadership retreat for Vistage Spain. There are two metaphors in the video: … Continue reading “Build Strong Foundations”

Be careful of Lazy thinking

We have a wonderful capacity to mess up our lives through lazy or fantasy thinking. We make blanket black and white statements… rather than seeking the shades of grey. “I hate my job” -> what parts exactly? Life is richer than black and white. You don’t hate every single part, activity, person in your job… … Continue reading “Be careful of Lazy thinking”

Humanistic Management, Xavier Marcet

This week we had Xavier Marcet as the keynote speaker for our anual Vistage all-member event on the subject of Humanistic Management. Xavier Marcet has a regular column in the la Vanguardia newspaper that regularly gets up to a million views. He shares thoughts about “humanistic management” and has published 3 books – the last … Continue reading “Humanistic Management, Xavier Marcet”

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