My friend Tony, business owner, shares his reflections on how the quarantine is impacting his life… and how he has learnt that “doing nothing” is not doing nothing… there is power in sitting still. His big hope… that we do not return to “normal” after this. Tony is someone who has used this quarantine period… Continue reading Let’s not go back to Normal…


In this week’s video: Two messages for leaders from day 8 of Quarantine in Barcelona: Tony Anagor – the importance of sharing positive encouragement Warren Rustand – leading from my own personal core Clarity of Vision Certainty of Action Values We are on day 8 of Quarantine in Barcelona. I’ve been sharing my experiences of… Continue reading Positive Leadership During Coronavirus/Covid-19 – Clarity, Commitment, Values

We are seeing growth in COVID-19/Coronavirus infections around the world. Some facts about the disease. Unlike the flu, very young people do not seem to be at any increased risk from COVID-19. Risk appears to ramp up for people over age 50. Mortality rates are 0.6% to 1.5% in general population, 80-85% of cases are mild… Continue reading COVID19/Coronavirus – How can Small Business Leaders respond?