What is a Leader? Simple answer: Someone with Followers.  You have to have Followers in order to be a Leader. How do you get Followers? 2 things Make you a Leader with Followers: See a Change that is Required in the World Bring together Resources to Achieve this Change

“If every one of you changed the life of just 10 people… in 6 generations we will have changed the world” Admiral McRaven Admiral McRaven offered advice for changing the world from his 36 years of experience as a Navy SEAL: Ask for help when you need it, respect everyone, persevere through failures and, make… Continue reading Step 1 in Leadership: Make your Bed, Navy Seal Admiral McRaven

What is the good life? We can survive for 75 years… but what is a good use of those years? The good life is choosing to go beyond mere survival.  The good life is a daily intentional choice to flourish.  We can develop the best of our strengths and bring the worst of our weaknesses under… Continue reading The ABC’s of a Fulfilling Life: Action, Belief, Curiosity, Discipline, Energy & Friends

I’ve been reading a few books recommended by my readers and youtube watchers since my recent video review of The Surrender Experiment 4 weeks ago.  A wonderful author that I was recommended is Dr David Hawkins.  He was a psychotherapist who worked over 50 years with patients in all stages of conscious functioning. In this… Continue reading Personal Growth: Moving up the 15 Levels of Consciousness, from Dr David Hawkins

Ken Blanchard’s book “The One Minute Manager” is short, simple, quick to read… and excellent for any new manager or leader. In this video I share 4 Conversations that Ken Blanchard says we need to learn to be able to have with our team members if we wish to be effective Servant Leaders. 4 Conversations… Continue reading Servant Leadership: The 4 Conversations that Ken Blanchard says we need to be able to have

This video is from Bilbao in front of the Guggenheim Museum. I was in Bilbao for the launch of Vistage in the region. In my courses I often have participants who hate following standard processes. Sometimes this is a good thing. When you decide to break the rules, you better do your homework and preparation… Continue reading Standing out from the Crowd: If you are going to be Different, Execution must be Excellent

This is a wonderful 10 minute speech by Brian Brault, Chairman of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation, during a United Nations Global meeting on how Entrepreneurship can make a difference to the UN Developmental Goals. Creating a Shared Future for Entrepreneurs and Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. I… Continue reading Brian Brault, Chairman of The Entrepreneurs’ Organisation, Inspiring Speech at the United Nations