A company has only one ultimate decision maker: the CEO. The CEO is the only person in a company without peers. No other individual holds such a full and final responsibility for the company. The CEO is the most powerful and sought-after title in business, more influential than any other. The CEO takes the company’s… Continue reading What do excellent CEOs do? (according to McKinsey research)

Ideas + Capital + Talent = enduring great business. Ideas are everywhere, nothing special about an idea. Capital is plentiful for those who have proven themselves. Today there is so much capital sloshing around looking for moderate returns. The Scarce Resource… Talent, true talent… is rare. Talent isn’t potential. Talent is systematic repeated high performance… Continue reading Great Strategy without Great People is nothing

You cannot win the marathon by sprinting. The winner of the 100m in the Olympics might also win the 200m, but will never be competitive in the 10K… or marathon …or rowing, or judo… Gold medal athletes focus on their strengths and work to amplify their strengths. Usain Bolt doesn’t spend training time trying to… Continue reading Improving your Strengths or Improving your Weaknesses

It has been a busy summer of high performance – in particular the Tokyo Olympics. There were 2 interviews with athletes that really struck me for the perspectives they were taking towards their performance and results. The video below shares these two healthy mental approaches to life. Pressure vs Stress The first interview was with… Continue reading Stress, Pressure and Focussing on What you Actually Control

This is a list from Vered Kogan, Vistage Chair. Lots of our coaching work in Vistage involves helping leaders identify limitations in their beliefs that restrict their opportunities for personal and professional growth. What Are Limiting Beliefs? A limiting belief is an opinion about the world that stops you seeing some potential paths or resources… Continue reading Limiting Beliefs