“Some People Go 24 Hours Without Hearing a Single Positive Thing Said About Them” Coach George Raveling (on the Tim Ferriss podcast) I was struck by this sentence.  I was inspired by Tim Ferriss’ interview with Coach George Raveling.  George speaks so clearly and concisely about life and learning and our role.  His life has… Continue reading Some People Go 24 Hours Without Hearing a Single Positive Thing Said About Them

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” Aristotle There are few things more important than understanding your own personal strategic recipes for enjoying a positive, fulfilling experience of your own life.  What is a Strategic Recipe.  Let’s start with what constitutes a “strategy”. “A Strategy is a system of producing a consistent result”. Tony Robbins… Continue reading What are your Strategic Recipes? (for meeting the 6 Human Emotional Needs)

If you want your kids to thrive in the next decades in the commercial world, internet sage Seth Godin tells us that they need to learn to be good at two (and only 2) things: Solve Interesting Problems Lead If you can raise a kid who can solve interesting problems and lead (which requires emotional… Continue reading Seth Godin says “Kids should Learn 2 Things (and only 2 things) to Thrive”

What is a Leader? Simple answer: Someone with Followers.  You have to have Followers in order to be a Leader. How do you get Followers? 2 things Make you a Leader with Followers: See a Change that is Required in the World Bring together Resources to Achieve this Change

“If every one of you changed the life of just 10 people… in 6 generations we will have changed the world” Admiral McRaven Admiral McRaven offered advice for changing the world from his 36 years of experience as a Navy SEAL: Ask for help when you need it, respect everyone, persevere through failures and, make… Continue reading Step 1 in Leadership: Make your Bed, Navy Seal Admiral McRaven

What is the good life? We can survive for 75 years… but what is a good use of those years? The good life is choosing to go beyond mere survival.  The good life is a daily intentional choice to flourish.  We can develop the best of our strengths and bring the worst of our weaknesses under… Continue reading The ABC’s of a Fulfilling Life: Action, Belief, Curiosity, Discipline, Energy & Friends