This video is about Innovation and the 3 types of innovation as described by Ferran Adrià, the world’s best chef.  He tells us that there are 3 levels of innovation… and that it is type 3 innovation that really moves humanity through a step change in progress. Read more on Innovation on the blog: 4… Continue reading Innovation and the Creative Process: Ferran Adria’s 3 Types of Innovation

LinkedIn is testing out a new free service for members that will match them with other professionals who can give them career advice. LinkedIn will help to make matches between mentees and mentors via its online platform. Mentorship is a significant part of the careers of every successful person that I know. I personally have… Continue reading LinkedIn Is Testing A New Feature That Matches You With A Mentor

This video is about Sequoia Capital and their 3 rules for success in leading a business.  They make leadership feel very simple.. but it works. They have 30 years of track record of successfully taking on and turning around businesses. Their rules are: 30/30 80/20 & the golden rule: 90/10. More on Leadership What is… Continue reading CEO Leadership Success: The 3 Rules from the Turnaround Masters at Sequoia Capital

Kilian Jornet, 29, is widely considered the world’s best ultra-distance and mountain runner. Last month, he conquered Mount Everest twice in one week without using supplemental oxygen or fixed ropes. A project called Summits of My Life has taken him to the peaks of Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Denali and Aconcagua. Here’s 3 videos of Kilian… Continue reading 3 Videos of Inspiration for the Weekend from Kilian Jornet

This video is about Building Trust – and how building Trust will Improve Relationships and the Enhance the Quality of our Lives. After you have food and shelter, it is the quality of the relationships that really make your life. Relationships are about trust. Where there is no trust, there is no relationship. I’d love… Continue reading How to Build Trust, Improve Relationships and Enhance the Quality of our Lives