Physically Fit, when staying Inside

This is my morning routine… with my 4 year old doing her version at my side. It is just 15 minutes… but hits the whole body and gets you breathing fast …

Day 1 was really tough… my arms really sore the evening and next day… my back was stiff… from the change of exercise (I usually am 90% running and a little bit of all body weights, and some arm specific weights).

I challenge you…

Let’s do this routine each day for the next few weeks of quarantine… I will certainly finish quarantine with stronger arms and torso than before… and will balance my fitness in future with a bit less running, and some more of these HIIT routines at home.

What are you doing to stay fit during Quaratine?

What youtube exercise videos would you recommend (for stretching, for all body physical workout, for evening relax after a few hours of zoom calls?). Who is good to follow on youtube? I like Joe above… any others? and any routines that are fun with family?

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