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How to influence People who are more Knowledgeable/Senior than me?

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I was a sales professional. Last year I moved to Business development for Cardioloy modality. Now my job is to support sales team and spread the business of cardiology in my region. I work for Healthcare company ( Medical equipment).I love my company however I am constantly struggling in my new role. Where I have to influence Cardiologist. How to influence doctors especially Cardiologist during presentation?
Please help me. I am from India. I want to grow.

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How to influence people who are more senior, more knowledgeable, more influential, more powerful...  

This can sometimes be easier than when you have power... as you will tend towards coercion when you can.  It is quicker... but has long term negative costs.

Influence requires that you show the other person or group that you deeply understand what their life is like, what their pains are, what they wish for and what they hope for.  If you can become the person that helps them get clarity they will turn to you for that help.

Many coaching training organisations say that a coach doesn't need relevant life experience to be able to coach someone.  Often top sports coaches were not successful athletes... they are experts in coaching, not in playing.

What does a good coach do?  They ask lots of questions.  

I give a simple framework for a coaching conversation in this video: How to have a coaching conversation.

and there are lots of posts on asking better questions and on coaching others on this blog.


I also faced the same problem


i'm also facing this problem


This can once in a while be simpler than when you have power... as you will tend towards intimidation when you can. It is faster... yet, has long haul negative expenses.



Thank you!


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I found this post very interesting and informative. Thank you for sharing your special thoughts with us. I definitely share this with my peeps.


Just build confidence level if you are confident you can do anything ..

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