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How to build great teams by explicitly using Personality Profiles (MBTI, Archetypes, DISC)? | [Joe T.]

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Hello Conor

You're doing great work - kudos. My question is around Jungian archetypes. I'm a fan of Myers Briggs to help people understand themselves and team dynamics. I'm at a stage now however when I'm interested in what drives that minority of people who are going to create an impact on the world. I think that's only possible if we assemble self aware teams who double down on their individual identity type (anybody can get better at anything, but anybody can't be world class at anything - our innate abilities and thinking styles lay the foundations for where we can be being exceptional). I think the archetypes are more profound and inspiring for this line of thought.

Do you know of any teams that have been created based on archetype and whether they have been effective? I'm specifically interested in teams of 10-15 in the entrepreneurial space (though any example would be greatly appreciated, as would any recommendations for learning more about Jungian dynamics in contemporary teams).

All the best

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Great question, I personally don't know of any team that was specifically designed from a MBTI, DISC, Eneagram or Archetype standpoint... and how it might have gone. 
I think these tools are extremely useful for self awareness... and team awareness.  If I know how I over-react and I care about you, then my self awareness can allow me to repair the damage before it becomes critical.  This is where the profiles (knowing mine, and having a good sense of the types of the people around me - work colleagues, team mates, family members) can matter a lot.
We humans are incredibly flexible - if we understand the true intentions of those around us. That is where profiles help...  rather than using them to gather ingredients for cooking a perfect team.
Humans are not cause-effect creatures...  we have this mysterious thing called choice between stimulus and response.  If I can help myself and others take better choices - by being able to see other perspectives on what the stimulus might mean - then I can play better with others.
JoeTrodden 09/12/2019 12:25 pm


Hello Conor


Thanks for the swift response, really appreciate your insight. In my world as a coach of growth entrepreneurs I increasingly see situations where the team would benefit from certain thinking types to create balance or solve challenges. It's becoming a case of not only that 'we need to bring in people with this experience' but also 'we need to bring in people who think in a certain way'.


Because the majority of the people I work with are self-aware we have the benefit of being able to surface our biases and refer to each other for particular perspectives on the challenges. This is done with an awareness that we will then be able to look at the whole picture and the decision maker can then look at the full landscape, which proves really powerful.


I endeavour to surround myself with different types and, as you rightly note, the huge benefit is the depth of appreciation self-awareness brings. It moves people away from "you're wrong" towards "that's interesting that you think that, can we explore that more?". That's how I feel we get to the best way forward.


I'm still in favour of trying this out as the basis for assembling a team so it's ingrained as a cultural mechanism from the start. I may well just have to run my own experiment to test it!


Keep up the great work, you're bringing enormous value to the world


All the best

Conor Neill Topic starter 09/12/2019 12:38 pm

I look forward to hearing your experiences. I have a guy in my leadership team who really knows DISC and he is great to speak to about how to approach specific individuals with ideas, or what to look for in a potential employee for a given role... I'll ask him for his thoughts on this... I think he has put together his Vistage group with an eye to diversity around DISC profiles 😉

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