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What is the number 1 thing that we should do in times of radical uncertainty? [Bushy M.]

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What is the number one thing that we should do in times of radical uncertainty and rapid continuous change like these?

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The most important thing: Get Clarity

Get clear on who you are.  Get clear on the set of standards by which you wish to live your life.  Get clear on what type of people you want to have around you.  Get clarity.

When there is great uncertainty outside, we need to develop great clarity inside.

On decisions in times of uncertainty...

  • if the path is "undoable" (you can come back...) - take a quick decision (gut feel + a bit of analysis) and move on... the cost of delay is worse than the cost of error
  • if it is permanent, take a slow decision... from a state of non-heightened emotion, taking into account the perspectives of people who have seen more than you have seen.


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