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Why it is not always useful to be overzealous in raising a child and what mistakes are harmful

1. Pretend the parent knows everything

For a child, you are a Master because you walk and don't fall, ride a bicycle, drive a car, take a hot mug and don't burn your fingers. Therefore, you do not need to worry when your child catches you that you do not know something, for example, where the lightning comes from or how many kilometers from the Earth to the Moon. It's just an opportunity to show your child how to solve a similar problem - to look at the Internet together or view the corresponding page in the encyclopedia.

2. Give others toys from which the child "grew"

It is important to give only those toys that the child agrees to give himself. Children attach great importance to their property and have the right to have favorite toys, even those that you think are more suitable for very young children. Do not force your child to give their children's books to someone else if they are dear to him. Also teach your child that it is important to help those children who do not know how to write homework. Take advantage of for perfect writing skills. In this way, you will teach your child a good written work and teach your child to help other children if it is difficult for them. Teach your child to see the needs of others. Praise when he treats someone to a chocolate bar, when he presents his grandmother with a heart card on March 8, or prepares small souvenirs for invited guests on the occasion of his own birthday. Because it's a great way to feel that giving is also very enjoyable.

3. Help the child in everything

Helping often means helping out. And this is the easiest way to teach a child to be helpless. Do you want to help him? If it concerns study, then use and help him. Help to gain self-confidence, to realize that the child can cope with many things on his own, even if it is difficult, and you will have to return to the same thing several times. Of course, it is not recommended to leave the child alone with their problems. The small steps method works best: first teach your toddler how to put on shorts, and when the child is done with it, teach him how to put on a shirt. And if he already knows how, do not help him out if, in your opinion, he hesitated and fumbles for a very long time. Wait patiently and praise him for his efforts. Limit help by being around as often as possible and encourage self-reliance. If you want your child to have order in the room,

4. Make sure that the child is always clean

Happy children are dirty children, in this respect nothing has changed for many, many years. If you want your toddler to focus on play rather than keeping an eye out for sand falling into his sleeve, ignore how he looks. When he plays ball, do not scold that he fell to his knees - look how professional football players look when they leave the stadium. Forget about the slogans "Caution, otherwise you will get dirty", "How do you look?", "What have you done to yourself?" A dirty suit is just proof that the kid played and had fun. If you want your child to study well, not only praise but also with help actively help him. This way you will bring up a confident child.

5. Do not apply any punishments

Kneeling on peas in the corner, getting kicked in the butt, not to mention other tougher parenting methods are all in the past. There is another wise punishment. One that will make you think about the behavior. Instead of telling the child: "You are pushing a friend, so we are returning home", "You are throwing cubes at the TV, you will not watch cartoons", it is necessary to clearly define the reason for the punishment: "Nobody should push, pushing brings pain", "The TV can go bad if you hit it with your hard cube." According to psychologists, the best punishment is to deprive a child of a privilege or reward. Thanks to this, the baby will more easily remember what and why he did wrong, and in the future (not necessarily right away) he will begin to avoid such mistakes.

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