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The "art" of writing a scientific article

What is "academic" writing style?

The result of your scientific activity, research or experiment will be an article for an academic publication. The secret of the success of such a publication is not only the valuable content that you put into your scientific work, but also the correctly chosen style of presentation of the material. Especially "Academic style" subject of a large body of literature on which we can derive the following guiding principles . Formulate your ideas precisely , but avoid being categorical : 

  Verbalizing the results of your scientific experiments requires accuracy and good command of the professional terms that are used in a particular field of knowledge. At the same time, it is important to understand that your target audience is not required to know specific terminology. Accordingly, you should be able to explain the key concepts on which the research is based, in an accessible and clear manner, avoiding ambiguity and substitution of concepts. However, it is important not to confuse the accuracy of the wording with the categorical nature of your scientific conclusions. Even the exact sciences cannot always "afford" to use their own conclusions as indisputable postulates. The writing style should reflect the understanding that science is not black and white, and any theory has a margin for error and / or potential for improvement. 

Use impersonal sentences and a formal style of storytelling : often, even the most advanced designs and experiments should not be formulated in impersonal sentences. Thus, you can avoid negative resonance from the academic community, if not all of its representatives agree with your ideas, and do not risk ignoring the contributions of those scientists who have already worked on the same topic before you. At the same time, the style of the entire article should be official: without abbreviations, jargon and simplified grammar. Nominal phrases and constructions are welcome, but it is important not to overdo it with this kind of wording, since they will make the text difficult to read and may violate the logical integrity of the entire article. If you have any difficulties with this, you can always turn to the consultants of for help , who will explain in detail how to properly use the official style of storytelling.

Providing information about existing theories and practices requires compelling languageMost research and academic work is based on the previous experience of scientists in each of the fields of knowledge. Therefore, an important component of the article is a literature review. In terms of form - namely academic style - this means that the part of the article devoted to the works of predecessors will use an impressive number of verbs to convey information and represent the opinions of other scientists. In this case, it would be reasonable to form a certain set of phrases that make the presentation of the material more convincing than the neutral verbs "tell", "speak" and "assert". To make it easier for you to choose phrases - contact the professionals who will tell you the best way and where it is better to use the newly acquired formulations 


Writing a scientific article for a high-quality academic publication is a laborious and slow process. However, this non-trivial task of a professional can alleviate , if properly pick up the principle of the organization of all process components.    


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