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Sudoku for preschoolers – a game or a serious intellectual challenge?

One of the main keys to the successful teaching of children is the use of entertaining visual material in work with preschool children. In the classroom, I pay great attention to pictures and illustrative material, as it helps to attract the attention of children, develops visual-figurative thinking, which, in turn, stimulates the child’s cognitive activity.


The development of logical thinking in a preschool child depends on the creation of conditions that stimulate his practical, play and cognitive activity. Therefore, a corner of entertaining mathematics has been created in the defectologist’s office, where manuals for joint and independent activities are located. This corner presents various didactic games, entertaining material: puzzles, labyrinths, puzzles. One of the games my children were interested in was free online Sudoku.


Online Sudoku – (Japanese Su. Doku, pronunciation) is a number puzzle that has become very popular lately. Translated from Japanese, “su” is a number, “dock” is a separate one. Sometimes Sudoku is called the magic square, but Sudoku is a 9th order Latin square.


Sudoku is known as Japanese entertainment, but Japan is not the only home to the game.


Currently, there are many modifications of Sudoku, but the classic Sudoku is a 9×9 square, divided into sub-squares with sides of 3 squares each. I also added a square with a side of 4 cells.


Web Sudoku is a very popular puzzle of our time. Adults and teenagers enjoy playing this game. In fact, solving this puzzle does not require any special knowledge or ability. It is only necessary to be able to visually distinguish symbols in cells and to think logically. Therefore, this puzzle is available for people of different ages and educational levels. Interestingly, solving Sudoku prevents the development of dementia. This game is useful at any age for developing mental abilities and keeping them in excellent condition. This game also helps to reduce emotional stress.


What exactly is the benefit of this puzzle? First, it improves the child’s memory. Memory and logic interact constantly when a child is solving Sudoku.


Secondly, the game allows the child to practice his logical thinking while solving the puzzle.


The next plus is Sudoku – the game is not only very interesting. It helps develop a sense of timing. Preschoolers learn to make decisions and take certain actions much faster and with less hesitation.


This puzzle also improves the power of concentration. Sudoku requires strategic thinking and creative problem solving from the child. As soon as the preschooler stops playing in the middle of the game, he has to start the whole thought process again, which helps to develop the power of concentration.


An important fact is that this puzzle makes children feel a “small victory”. The rules of the game are quite simple: On the playing field of 9 (16) cells, it is necessary to place numbers, object pictures or geometric figures so that in each column and line (horizontally, vertically and diagonally) each number, picture or figure occurs only once. In the first stages of training, I offer the child a field with only one empty cell. Gradually, the number of empty cells increases, children can play not only independently, but also in pairs.


I use the Sudoku game in the joint activities of a teacher and children. Children began to analyze information better, compare and generalize. The skill of classifying and identifying patterns has increased.


The formation of logical thinking in preschoolers is an important component of modern education. The criterion for the formation of logical thinking is the regular use of non-standard techniques in mathematics classes and in extracurricular activities. By regularly using Sudoku puzzles, we can shape the development of logical thinking.


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