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How to speak effectively to camera, during the Speaking As A Leader course

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Hi Conor,

Yes, thank you so much for this 10-week course (Speaking as a Leader email course). 

It really provides me a platform for me to start practicing my speaking skills at my own pace. And I also appreciate the recommendation on Debut Video Capture. It helps me to view my facial expression when I speak.

Speaking to the camera with a script...

One thing i like to check is that I prepare my script for the ice-breaker on using the : "How I got here approach" and when I record my own video I noticed that I am looking down on the script and up on camera. Is that right?

Or actually you wanted me to just speak to the camera like doing an impromtu speaking? 

I feel that it is quite difficult for me to speak for a 3min long without writing down my content, let alone the message to bring across to the audience.

I just could not speak instantly and very poor at table topics situation.

Thanks & Regards,


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Dear J

Thank you for your question and I am glad to hear that you are doing the exercises that I share in the email course.

Sometimes speaking with notes is good, sometimes not so good.

A self introduction should not need notes... it is your own life you are sharing. 

A complex legal argument can be obviously supported with notes... the notes show that you care about important details.

In practicing, initially notes will help us... but the objective is to reduce the notes down to a couple of bullet points... and then get rid of the bullet points altogether.  In my courses we aim for very simple structures - with a 3 point structure - and enough practice and repetition that you could remember the 3 key points in your sleep.

For the self introduction - the eventual objective is to deliver without notes - looking at the people... 



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