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[Solved] This is last minute but I have to give a speech in 1 hour

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and the speech is 3 minutes longer than the time i have to give it.  I have already whittled it down to the bare bones. I cannot figure out for the life of me what to do because taking away any more I will lose the structure of the speech.  But if I do not cut it down than I can get cut off before I give my conclusion which is where the important point of the speech is delivered.  I cannot figure out what to do.  I thought I could find more to trim this morning but I have been doing nothing but staring at.  

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Okay that was really hard to even trim down my reply.  I should definitely work on that.  That is great advice.  Thank you so much!!

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Okay that was really hard to even trim down my reply.  I should definitely work on that.  That is great advice.  Thank you so much!!  Because the bottom line is that no I cannot summarize my speech in three words, or a tweet easily all.  And I should be able to I can see, hear, and feel the value of that type of clarity.  I just have not been cultivating my thinking along those lines quite yet but it would be a great time for me to start to develop that ability.  Fortunately, today my speech went great I got a time extension before beginning.  I will not always get that. 


I love the way you think Connor (well probably that is because you are one of the best in the field of speaking and leadership.. lol, but still I do for whatever one little voice out there is worth swimming around in this large universe!) And also I am so grateful that you are so generous with your advice wow how fortunate I (and those of us out there tapping into to this very special form of courage, courage in action)  am for that.  May many blessings always bestow you!  Thank you. 


A huge part of learning to communicate powerfully is learning what to leave out.  This is hard, but it is the most important part of leadership.

Leadership tends to deal with scarcity and prioritization...  if you have unlimited resources to overcome an obstacle... you don't need leadership.

If you have limited resources (time is a resource) then you have to prioritize... 

If you could summarize your speech in a tweet, what would the tweet say?

If you could summarize your speech in 3 words, what would those 3 words be?

Most listeners are not going to remember more than 2-3 major ideas. It is best to decide yourself what these ideas are and focus only on these. If the listeners need more, they will ask to meet you.


SheilaMCoughlin Topic starter 08/01/2021 9:08 pm

Copy that. Grateful.

We always promise to help 
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