The Importance of Credibility (Ethos)

The Importance of Credibility (Ethos)

Length: 7 minutes|Difficulty: Easy

2,300 years ago Aristotle wrote the single most important book on what it takes to speak in a way that others take action because they heard your words.

The book is called Rhetoric.

We must connect on 3 levels in order to influence another person:

  1. Logos
  2. Ethos
  3. Pathos


Logos refers to the arguments – you must learn to structure arguments that connect to the world view of the audience. What do they value? What facts do they accept?


Ethos is credibility. Credibility is about 3 elements: Authority, Energy and Connection.


Pathos is emotion. Human beings will only change their minds if they feel an emotion related to your message. There are 2 ways that a speaker can transmit emotion to their audience.

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