How to live a fulfilling human life? Abraham Maslow was the first psychologist to look specifically at what it takes to live a healthy, fulfilling human life. Prior to Maslow, psychology was focussed on dealing with mental illness and abnormality. Maslow suggested that to be happy, it is not sufficient to just remove sadness. The… Continue reading Living A Fulfilling Human Life: Meeting The 6 Emotional Needs

Great leaders have high levels of self awareness. One element of self awareness is a good understanding of how human beings differ in terms of personality. The big 5 personality traits can be remembered with the acronym OCEAN. OCEAN Trait descriptions and impact on job performance. Openness, inventive/curious vs. consistent/cautious; Openness is positively related to proactivity at the… Continue reading Self Awareness: The Big 5 Personality Traits

How to begin vlogging on YouTube This is based on my last 5 years of youtubing (now at 185,000 subscribers, over 17M video views) and over 11 years of maintaining a regular blog here at My advice to you…  point 5 is by far the single most important tip. 8 Tips for Vlogging Success Do it… Continue reading How to use YouTube to Build Your Business and Personal Brand