I was on a zoom call today with Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn. Here’s my lessons from the call… How do we learn Entrepreneurship? The best way of learning entrepreneurship: play boardgames… Settlers of Catan is good – there is trading, there is ambiguity, there are multiple strategies. Chess is good but no ambiguity… we… Continue reading Lessons from Reid Hoffman, EO Conversation on Zoom

One of the most important aspects of good listening is learning to ask great questions. One of the most powerful questions I have learnt comes from business coach Dan Sullivan. He asks “3 years from today, what needs to change for you to be personally and professionally fulfilled?” This is not an easy question for… Continue reading The 4 Levels of Listening

There is a study from Kouzes and Pozner from 2008 that looks at employee engagement in organisations. What are the factors that influence employee engagement? Kouzes and Pozner looked at the impact of clarifying organisational values and the impact of clarifying personal values. Where an organisation helps each individual clarify their personal purpose and how… Continue reading The Importance of Being Clear on your Personal Purpose and Values

This approach to effective communications is not just about learning to deliver one specific speech, it is about learning to identify what makes a speaker effective and what specific changes would improve the impact of their communications. If you are not receiving feedback each day that hurts, you are not receiving what you need to… Continue reading How to Give & Receive Feedback