We are seeing growth in COVID-19/Coronavirus infections around the world. Some facts about the disease. Unlike the flu, very young people do not seem to be at any increased risk from COVID-19. Risk appears to ramp up for people over age 50. Mortality rates are 0.6% to 1.5% in general population, 80-85% of cases are mild… Continue reading COVID19/Coronavirus – How can Small Business Leaders respond?


Rajesh Setty shared some wisdom with me last year. One thing out of many that I remember was this idea: the most valuable compliment you can hear from another person. I had the privilege of reading a draft of Rajesh’s newest book over the last month and I have written a recommendation that hopefully will… Continue reading The best compliment you can receive… (thanks to Rajesh Setty)

Back to Full List of Videos Take control of your life and end self-sabotaging behaviour. The world will put countless obstacles in your path but none will be as big as your own self-sabotage. The 4 Destructive Self-Sabotage Mindsets: Distraction Emotional Impulsiveness Arrogance and sense of Entitlement Fixed Mindset