On a walk yesterday in the Perimola region of Catalunya, about 2 hours drive from Barcelona. We went on a hike up to the hermitage of Castell Llebre. My friend Mathieu Carenzo teaches Entrepreneurship at IESE Business School and is an early stage investor in many successful spanish startups, including some Unicorns. He shared 4… Continue reading Entrepreneurship: 4 Keys to Identify a Great Business Opportunity (with Mathieu Carenzo)

Neuroscience based Habits for Happiness… There is a saying that I heard recently from Elsa Punset… “Our brain is teflon for the positive and velcro for the negative” It is a powerful metaphor. It is solidly grounded in psychological research. In good relationships the ratio of positive to negative comments is 7:1. 1 negative comment… Continue reading Our Brain is Teflon for the Positive, Velcro for the Negative

In his 30 years of asking this question, Wharton Business School Professor Stew Friedman has heard one word become increasingly common:¬†Flexible Elements of Flexible Leadership What does it mean to be flexible as a leader? flexible adjective capable of bending easily without breaking; able to be easily modified to respond to altered circumstances. What context… Continue reading What kind of Leadership do we need now?

Life 101: Develop competence. Build the discipline to finish small projects. Solve interesting problems. Help good clients succeed. Do lots of small good things for other people. Share the credit. Take the blame. Share your journey. Associate with good people. Help others realise they are capable of more than they think. Give them confidence. Lift… Continue reading How to Lead Up