Once upon a time… Once upon a time there was data… and it didn’t change the world. …and then there were stories… Karen Eber has spent her career helping leaders develop the culture of their organisations. She has learn that stories are the foundation blocks of building culture.   Further Story Resources What is a… Continue reading How your Brain responds to Stories, and why they are crucial for Leaders

Here is the full recording of the How Leaders Network webinar from February 9th for the IESE Alumni community.  We had 520 people connected to the zoom call, and some great questions.  We didn’t get round to answering all of the questions, so I have taken some time to give full answers here in this… Continue reading Q&A from Webinar: How Leaders Network for IESE Business School Alumni Learning Program

If you are a leader, you need to work on developing 2 skills in the people around you: Influence and Decision Making. The Importance of Influence Skills Without the people around you learning how to influence others, they will always need your involvement to get anything done. Read more on Influence 18 Influence Methods to… Continue reading Leaders Must Develop 2 Skills in the People around Them

Life is too short to figure everything out on your own.  Humans spend the years from birth to 12 learning how to survive.  Our parents have a vested interest in helping us develop the Stop there: we merely survive.  We live in a highly complex society.  There is intense competition for status in whatever hierarchy… Continue reading You Don’t have Time to Figure Everything Out on your Own