The role of luck in success

As a business owner, you tend to hear a lot of stories about better business, tips and tricks of the trade, and lessons about management. Out of all of them, though, there’s one story that has stuck with me through the years. It’s a story that taught me to enjoy every aspect of business, and … Continue reading “The role of luck in success”


Conor is a sought-after keynote speaker on Leadership. He is Senior Lecturer of Leadership Communications at IESE Business School and is the President of Vistage in Spain, part of the world’s leading CEO organisation.  As an entrepreneur, he has founded 5 companies, selling 16 private jets and building the 3rd largest fleet of private jets in … Continue reading “About”

The measure of the life that we live

An old traveller has seen the world. He is restless and keeps moving. One day he is in the distant mountains in an area not known to him. On this particular day, after a long walk through a mountain valley, he sees a shady tree and what looks like a good place to rest on … Continue reading “The measure of the life that we live”

The reward for conformity is that everybody likes you except yourself

A monk and his followers live near a river.  Each morning they go down to the river.  One morning, a scorpion falls into the river.  The monk reaches out and picks up the scorpion placing him on dry land. His hand is stung painfully. The next day, the monk and his followers go down to … Continue reading “The reward for conformity is that everybody likes you except yourself”

4 simple steps to become a great speaker

Jim Rohn says that there are four simple steps to becoming a great speaker: Have something to say. Say it well. Read your audience. Intensity (the right words mixed with measured emotion). How do we get something good to say? Live a full live. Meet lots of people. Fail. Succeed. Remember what it felt like … Continue reading “4 simple steps to become a great speaker”

What tracks are you leaving in the sand?

A traveller is lost in the dessert. The sun is beating down. His mouth is parched and dry. He is disoriented. In an effort to survive, he begins walking towards the only sign he can see – some mountains in the far distance. After an hour of struggling through the sand, he comes across the … Continue reading “What tracks are you leaving in the sand?”

Laying bricks or building cathedrals

6 months ago I had the privilege of a visit to the Sagrada Familia with the head structural architect of the works and a friend of mine who is the owner of the oldest architectural practice in Spain. I will never see the Sagrada Familia the same way again. Sharing in the passion of these … Continue reading “Laying bricks or building cathedrals”

Writing the perfect business memo

For the rest of your life begin every memo with the word “This.” It allows you to get started, and to tell the reader in the first sentence what the purpose of the memo is. If it’s under €3 million, put it on a single page. This forces you and your reader to focus only … Continue reading “Writing the perfect business memo”

7 Reasons to Subscribe

You never have to check the site for updates again, and you get the latest and greatest first. It’s free. 9,200+ subscribers means something–the content works, and using e-mail or RSS saves you wasted visits. More results in less time. Exclusive content is often limited to subscribers only. If you want the opportunities, subscribing is … Continue reading “7 Reasons to Subscribe”