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Essay structure

As you know, the structure of the essay consists of an introduction, body and conclusion. Below you can consider these positions in more detail.

The headline is the first thing a reader sees in an essay. Therefore, it should look interesting enough to convince everyone to read it again. However, first of all, he must shed light on the topic of the entire essay. This is often done very easily, but when difficulties arise, you can pay someone to write my paper.

In the introduction, you should still try to interest the reader – by how interesting the topic itself is, and by the way you look at it yourself (or in the next text you are going to consider it). In the first sentence, drag it into the text. Explain the topic clearly enough and provide any necessary facts that you will work with in the following sections.

The introduction does not have to be long; often one short paragraph is sufficient. First of all, clarify why you chose this topic and complete your dissertation – the fundamental idea of ​​the work that will accompany the reader in the second, main part of the essay.

Main part
If the text should be more extensive, divide it into subchapters according to the plan. Follow the prepared plan; devote about 200-400 words to each paragraph and try to keep only one main idea in it. If the proposal is not related to this idea, move it to another location or delete it entirely. Paragraphs should follow each other smoothly – the last sentence of a paragraph always follows the first sentence of the next paragraph.

Support each of your opinions with some kind of compelling evidence. Use facts that no one doubts. In addition, the correct reasoned essay should contain arguments “for” and “against”, refuting each other. By using conflicting opinions, you will be able to better assess the issues raised.

To keep the text from being unnecessarily shallow, always ask yourself why, always look for evidence and meaning. Only in this way can you write an essay that the reader will not leave during it, but will read it with interest to the end.

The conclusion in the essay serves an important function, and if it does not fulfill its purpose, the entire text will lose its meaning. It is important to win the reader over to your side with the very last sentence. Provide a compelling argument that answers the questions asked in the introduction. Don’t repeat what has already been said, but summarize your previous thoughts in a clear position.

If you find that you have put forward a thesis that is different from the one you outlined in the introduction, go back to the introduction and edit the thesis.

Essays in English
As already indicated, the professional essay is a popular medium of expression in the Anglo-Saxon world, and therefore it is also used in teaching English to Czech students. When writing an essay in English, pay special attention to the meanings of the words. Use dictionaries of synonyms (called thesauri), or at least online dictionaries, and make sure what you write makes sense.

When writing in English, identify words that are relevant to the topic at the beginning and then stick to them. This will help you with text gradients that are more imaginative and specific.

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