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Congratulations on Starting the Webcam

Congratulations from Conor

You have made your first video.  It is a powerful tool to grow as a communicator.  It can be brutal, but it will help you in a massive way.

It took me years to be happy with how I look, sound and speak on the webcam.  Years of not liking how I looked, how I gestured, how I rubbed my chin or my nose, how I was searching for the words and not transmitting confidence in what I was saying…  years…

But, the improvement doesn’t take years.  People will notice your improvement in days or in weeks.  Your clarity will improve in days.

Well done.  This is an important step.

You have my respect for beginning this journey.

– Conor

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  1. Well there is nothing new, typical suggestions and ideas that you could get from anyone who at least have done one average presentation. I am so pissed that I have killed my whole hour to read all this crappy advices. Peace V

  2. Thankyou for this training program( what more its free) This is something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember now deep in my 50s I finally get the opportunity? Thankyou!

  3. Hello Sir, it’s really a privilege to be your Student and I am glad.
    I trust the Lord to use you immensely to improve my speaking in public.
    Thanks you Sir.

  4. Hi CONNOR
    i m really so happy to be one of your student because i m really impressed by your videos on YouTube and i did a lot of effort before to improve my public speaking and my body language but it did not work because i m not used to practice and watch my self but with this technique i think it will be great.
    thank you so much just give us some extra advises for those who speaks English as 2nd language or 3rd or 4th
    thank you

  5. Hi , appreciate for a great work your doing to improve on our confidential speaking in public.but I still have a problem in creating webcam,i recorded more than two videos but an expert like you to analyze my videos thanks very much

  6. Thank you so much for this free public speaking course. I really want to be confident and authentic as I deliver my message to other people. I feel not alone now and have a sense of direction towards an awesome me in my speaking.

  7. I find this idea of recording , very useful . Yesterday I made 3 videos of mine. Today also I will make sure that I record one more.
    Thank you so much for being there. I have become a great fan of yours.
    I hope one day I speak so confidently as you do.
    Rachna joshi

  8. Hi Conor,

    Thank you for the course. I am still shocked how boring I was looking regardless the fact inside me I was feeling okay.

    On my current job I do presentations, deliver training sessions, or speeches and this short video was a huge awakening.

    I will continue getting the course done and more, and hopefully I will be able to get to a level that would get me to feel happy with myself.

    Thank you,


  9. Hello Cornor , thanx a lot for leting me start… haha honestly I was awful , my gestur my interupted words, shy and moving my shoulders like a child BUT i think nothing comes perfect from the start, do you have any further advice for me.

  10. i watched my first vedio and im feeling now much better then ever before thanks
    i love u teacher

  11. Thank you for this assistance! I’ve struggled so long in this area. I’m eager to improve and get started with these lessons.

  12. One of my dream goals is to improve my public speaking. It takes a lot of work to write, re-write and rehearse for every speech.
    Imagine my shock when I received your simple email request to turn on my laptop video camera and speak for 3 minutes.
    THANK YOU for simplifying the dream of improving my speaking!:) ~Keri

  13. When I subscribed to your website last month I couldn’t get along because I had problems with my webcam. Today I activated my tasks as per your instructions and yes I must admit that doing this two lines video is not a lickin’ of an ice cream. I rehearsed more than five times and I mean five times but I couldn’t get my message across so easily. It was as if there are people watching over whereas it was just me and my computer. My real problem is that whenever I wanna express my ideas I get so much butterflies into my tummy to an extent that I end up not hearing even myself what I utte, be it in class or a meeting it’s really sad Mr Neill.

  14. Hi Conor,

    My first video..oh how i really sucked. My body language, my articulation were so bad that I nearly fainted when i replayed the video. What i spoke didnt make sense even to me. No wonder an expert presenter just ripped me apart when i presented infront of him. I am not getting words. My sentences are long. Even grammar is way off the track when i am tensed. English is not my native language yet i never knew i would be this bad while presenting. My gestures are so poor. My sentences and the ideas they represent are so pathetic. I have a light years to go. But i made the first step. So i believe, i will be able to go a long way. I really hope your course will help me make some progress. Thank you Conor.

    1. The great thing is that this means you have a great sense of what is good communication – the path there… lots of practice, record, watch, change one thing, repeat 😉

  15. I do not remember precisely a Chinese proverb, yet I dare write it, a thousand mile journey starts with a first step. Hence, I have made my first video (btw, I have never done it intentionally before). Highly respected Conor, I appreciate you for your initiative to urge me to make such a decisive step in my life. I look at you as my mentor and admire the way you communicate quite useful points on your videos on utube. By the way, English isn’t my native language, it is my third language, but I would like to put in as much effort as possible to keep on advancing it further every day.

  16. During making presentations in front of top management team, I’m not 100% on focus and concentrated and forget some important matters in the presentation So I need your help and advice “what can I do?”.

  17. Hi Conor…I have started my journey to improve my communication especially the starting part of it,voice level and the facial postures.
    As I got these observations from my colleagues when we talk at work

    Thank you for your motivation very much appreciated

  18. Hi Conor, I have done my first vedieo and impressed myself. Its tremendous experience for me which is I never done before.

    Thanks for guidance and motivation.

    I am looking forward for your help and support

    Thank you so much Conor…..
    Have a great day.

  19. Hi Conor ! I did the first video and I feel very well about it , releaved .Challenge accepted and I hope to improve and to become the person I will feel comfortable with. Thank you for the guiding . Have a blessed day.

  20. Hi,Conor: I mean that the preparative short video task is easy, but “ice-breaker” video task is a challenge. There’s so much need to be improved: how to look natural, how to sound clear and confident, and should I see my script? You’re right. Only practice can make a difference. I really appreciate your encouragement. As an English learner (originally from Taiwan), I still have a long way to go through. Thanks a lot!

    1. This is true… it took me about 6 years before I was happy with how I sound and look on the video… but it is the only way to truly see yourself as others will perceive you. Ideas that feel clear in my head are often confusing when I try and explain them in words for the video.

  21. Thanks for the view about the power of “eloquence”. The first task is easy, but
    I’m not customized to hearing my voice
    and tone. It’s a little strange.

  22. Thank you for your clarity and direction – just what I was looking for. The examples are inspiring and motivating! Excellent job indeed and thank you sharing and I am sure it will make my social enterprise start up a lot easier when I have to present my idea for a panel and to others.

  23. HI Conor,
    I just happened to stumble across one of your talks and found it incredibly helpful. Thank you for your commitment to helping others.
    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you Patrick – it is a fascinating and inspiring thing to see how far online videos can reach out and connect with people. I love what you are putting together at Emery Leadership Group – looks like you are making a positive difference.

  24. Connor! Thank you for making this course!

    I’ve been inspired by your talks and youtube videos – and who woulda thought you had a course to teach us.

  25. I can’t believe i sound so boring and disinterested ! Can you suggest next steps… Just practice giving bad speeches ?

    1. I would suggest that you almost overdo passion in your practice – act as if you are super excited – in practice… it will stretch your natural range 😉

  26. Hi Conor, After spending hours and hours on youtube, finally I have got what I was looking for. I am really impressed by your techniques . I have started using webcam. But one thing (may be its stupid question). How will I know what are my weak areas by watching my own videos, do you suggest I have to share my recordings with experts friends etc. ? thanks Camran

    1. A good story is a good story – you don’t need to be an expert to know whether someone bores you or engages you.

      The expert might be able to give better specific advice on what to work on – much like a coach of a sprinter. The sprinter knows whether he is running at 10.5s or 9.5s – the expert coach can tell him what specifically to do about it.

  27. Ciao Conor,
    How are You? I met You yesterday on You tube and today following Your suggestion I switch on the camera of the tablet for the first time: it was a terrible sensation, but I must, I need it.
    in a couple of week I will have an important “match”: an assessment center to join an important company; it could be my occasion, the opportunity to improve consistently my career.
    It will be an a steep climb, first of all because english is not my mother tongue and this is a double difficult to overcome.
    I don’t know if I’ll be up to the challenge, but I want play it.


  28. Thank you Mr. Conor for making this opportunity open for everyone around the world, I have been doing presentations at the university and at the conferences for a year now and always had difficulty with delivering the subject clear enough to my audiences. As long as by doing it, I gained some experience but still have the fear of large audiences. Having watched your presentations I was so amazed and honestly I am counting on them to improve my presentation skills.

    Thank you!


  29. It works fantastically to me and I hope I will improve a lot compare to before I took participation in the in this journey,
    Thank you very much, I really appreciate the course!

  30. Hi – thanks for making these lessons available. Although I can draw on my acting training to be confident to speak publicly, I am held back in my ability to be persuasive and credible both in speaking and in the workplace by a quiet voice that comes from a discomfort of taking up too much space in the room because I am a gentle person by nature. I am looking forward to having a stronger presence and being more articulate, and this will help in my public speaking as well. I have decided 2015 is the year “my voice will be heard”.

  31. Hello Conor,
    When i watched my first video, i was surprised by my voice and body language. It was poor. But i will not get discouraged by it. I would like to focus on improving my voice and body language for the timebeing before i could develope a good public speaking. I am grateful to have found your site. Thank you and keep the good job.

    1. They say you need 2 things to improve: awareness and practice – without awareness, you don’t know where you are; without practice you don’t improve 😉

  32. Hi Conor,

    I actually have made a video when attending a public speaking training and media interactive. The firts I saw them I was surprised as I was sucks as my voice cracked and my performance was awful. However I accepted them and I could improve at the video.I therefore want to improve and push the envelop to be good or excellent in public speaking. I am grateful have found your site and you can help me.

    MAny thanks, Marciano

  33. There were very long pauses, trying to find the right words. This was my first attempt at video recording myself.
    I realised I was not much aware of my body language. Huge scope for improvement.
    But with more practice, I will get there one fine day and deliver a flawless performance.
    Thanks a million to Neill who has started me on this journey of improvement.

  34. Morning Conor,

    It was my first time to use the webcam and I was really pleased with my initial 3 minute debut. I made two further videos on the same topic in order
    to improve my eye movements. I was comfortable speaking without a script and produced a natural and relaxed performance. Over the next ten weeks I am confident that I’ll improve my facial expression and gesturing and overall performance..I look forward to the future lessons.
    Conor, I am aware that my past experiences helped in doing this first exercise.

    The challenge is great!.

    Delighted with your support.



    1. Hello Cornor , thanx a lot for leting me start… haha honestly I was awful , my gestur my interupted words, shy and moving my shoulders like a child BUT i think nothing comes perfect from the start, do you have any further advice for me.

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