Speaking as a Leader | Thanks for your Feedback

Speak as a Leader: 10 weeks email-driven course

Thank you for your Feedback.  It will help.

Congratulations from Conor

I am glad that you are taking the time to communicate your experience of this course.

Whilst I wish for all participants to love me, my courses and everything about me…  I realise this is a foolish dream.

I get my best improvement feedback from those who do not feel that the course was worthwhile.  I will keep improving this course, step by step, email by email.  Your feedback is a gift to me.

If you have any ideas that could help improve the experience for others, I’d love if you send an email to conor at conorneill.com, or just reply to any of the course emails.

I will share blog posts and new videos every so often with the email list.  I hope that will work for you.

Thank you.

You have my respect for telling me how it is.  I learn more when people are clear about how the experience was for them.  This helps me be realistic and keeps my feet on the ground.

– Conor


Use the comments below for any general questions or comments you have about the course.

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  1. I want learn english ?

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