Speaking As A Leader | Email #2 The Ice Breaker Speech

Speak as a Leader: 10 weeks email-driven course

This is email #2.  The “Ice-Breaker” – Connecting with People

The “How I got here” Ice-breaker: 

An ice-breaker is a simple introduction of who you are.  It will be used at networking dinners, or at a point in a larger speech where you share your own story to build credibility for the speech.  There are 5 standard formats; this week we will focus on the “how I got here” approach.

Today’s Task

How I got here:  Describe 3 decision moments that led you to be “here”, where “here” might be the place you live, the job you have, or why you are practicing speaking at this moment.

Take a few moments and reflect on the 3 critical decisions.  Pick 3 and get started.  Don’t think too much.  The aim here is to get a first version done.  Then you can press delete.  And maybe try again…

Start your webcam.  Briefly explain the 3 critical decisions into your camera.  Then you can press delete.  And maybe try again…

Remember that this speech is merely a way for you to introduce yourself. Pick three important things you’d like your audience to learn about you and make those your speech. If you speak on something that you’re passionate about, you won’t run out of words. So, talk about an exciting adventure from your past, your hopes, your dreams and maybe your favorite hobby. What defines you? Talk about it.


How to improve this speech?  Here is a pdf with an exercise called the Lifeline Exercise

This will help you reflect over the key events of your life and how they have shaped the person that you are today.  It will provide wonderful reflection that can help you improve your “how I got here” ice breaker speech, and also understand more about yourself.


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