Speaking As A Leader | Email #4 Communicating Values

Speak as a Leader: 10 weeks email-driven course

This is email #4.  Communicating Values

Communicating Values: One of my Inspirations…

Who inspires you? A teacher, a pop-star, a sports personality, a family member, a political leader, a company leader? Pick one person that is an inspiration to you. Write their name down.

I wrote down “Lady Gaga”. I might also have written “Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Jim Collins, My father, My grandfather, Mr Matz (my biology teacher when I was 14)”.

Have you written a name down?

Today’s Task

What are the 3 most significant traits make this person an inspiration to you? Write them down. I might write down “Innovative, Authentic, Professional”.

Think of 1 anecdote, 1 fact or 1 example of each trait. If you think of 2 or 3, choose 1.

How long has this person been an inspiration? In my case, I first came across Lady Gaga 2 years ago.

Start your webcam. Start with the moment in your life that this person became an inspiration. “2 years ago, I first heard Alejandro by Lady Gaga”. Now list the 3 traits. “She is Innovative, Authentic and Professional” Next, briefly explain the anecdote, fact or example for each trait. “Innovative. Remember the Meat dress? …” Keep to a maximum of 30-45 seconds for each trait.

Then you can press delete. And maybe try again…


Lesson 4 in video format:


  1. Thank you Conor, I admire you very much..
    I started the course and I’m looking forward for each new lesson.


  2. Week number 4 and still exided asking what’s next, I think somehow the vedio attached with each lessons simplify the task and become guidelines for trial.

    Got to admit these are rich lessons and I salute you for sharing it

    Best Regards

    1. …if the student does the work! 😉

      As the Irish saying goes “you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink”

  3. Hi Sir, I am very much thankful, for a good lessons from you to all the world and which are helping to improve every one strengths and very pleasure to share about your courses to all
    wish you best in all

  4. Thank you Conor. For me to start following you, I came across your video where you were telling a story about the three servants and how to break the habit of inaction. This really had an impact on me and since then, I’ve been doing different things to to uplift myself. Though I haven’t been consistent, I find your assignment helpful. I believe I’ve been getting better at speaking. I’ve even referred some of my colleagues to your site. Thank you for your inspiration

  5. Thank you Sir for this great course . I actually figured out answer to a question while doing this exercise. I listed myself also among people who inspire me which is totally not logical, I know. But I figured out my strengths while listing qualities of people who inspire me.

What are your thoughts?

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