Speaking As A Leader | Email #4 Communicating Values

Speak as a Leader: 10 weeks email-driven course

This is email #4.  Communicating Values

Communicating Values: One of my Inspirations…

Who inspires you? A teacher, a pop-star, a sports personality, a family member, a political leader, a company leader? Pick one person that is an inspiration to you. Write their name down.

I wrote down “Lady Gaga”. I might also have written “Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Jim Collins, My father, My grandfather, Mr Matz (my biology teacher when I was 14)”.

Have you written a name down?

Today’s Task

What are the 3 most significant traits make this person an inspiration to you? Write them down. I might write down “Innovative, Authentic, Professional”.

Think of 1 anecdote, 1 fact or 1 example of each trait. If you think of 2 or 3, choose 1.

How long has this person been an inspiration? In my case, I first came across Lady Gaga 2 years ago.

Start your webcam. Start with the moment in your life that this person became an inspiration. “2 years ago, I first heard Alejandro by Lady Gaga”. Now list the 3 traits. “She is Innovative, Authentic and Professional” Next, briefly explain the anecdote, fact or example for each trait. “Innovative. Remember the Meat dress? …” Keep to a maximum of 30-45 seconds for each trait.

Then you can press delete. And maybe try again…


Lesson 4 in video format:

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