The health benefits of drinking coffee

Hmmm, good coffee, *

I drink coffee.  It helps me wake, it helps me focus.  It helps me write.

I love the smell.  (I don’t think I have ever had a coffee that tasted quite as good the smell.)  Coffee smells good.

On a good day, I’ll have 3.  On a tough day, where my concentration is not good, where I have been woken a few times during the night by my visiting daughter…  I’ll get up to 5.

And when its really bad…  I can make it to 7.

I drink expresso.  Here in Spain it’s called “Cafe solo”.  Sometimes I’ll go for a long black, in spanish “cafe americano”.

As I think about whether I should decrease my coffee drinking as part of my 2015 resolutions, I decided to do a quick study on the health effects of caffeine.

It looks like good stuff.  Maybe I should keep drinking 3-4 cups a day?

How much do you drink?

Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

I found that coffee can help you…

[Edit] Contrasting Viewpoints and Other Perspectives

Readers have shared a few views from the other side:

 What else does caffeine do for us?  Have I missed anything?

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