Trip to London

I was in London the last 2 days.  It struck me how many large office buildings are under construction.  There were also many large residential complexes going up.  It is a marked contrast to Barcelona to see so much construction activity.  I don’t know what it says about economies, but on the surface it looks like London is really booming.

Here’s me in front of that famous buildboard display in Piccadilly Circus.  My brother’s business (Bitposter) manages outdoor display advertising spaces… hope they get these big displays onto their system soon (if they are not there already…)!

If you find your job is boring and lacks excitement, and you don’t have a good view from your office…  I have a suggestion:  You could work with these guys…

This year Shakespeare is celebrating 400 years since something… I can’t remember if birth, death or first theatre performance.  Here’s me taking a #selfie in front of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre.

And here’s the boat that kept Sir Francis Drake attacking the spanish merchant fleet and stealing all their new world gold.  I guess the spanish had stolen it from the Incas, so Sir France Drake was stealing pre-stolen gold…


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