Stuart Lancaster – How to Be A Great Leader (of Rugby Teams)

Just listening to Stuart Lancaster deliver a webinar for IIBN. He shared his path to head coach of the England rugby team, the hard blow of falling out of the home rugby world cup, and his current role as part of the leadership of Leinster rugby club.

10 Necessary Ingredients of a Great Leader

  1. Be authentic – know who you are, know what you like and don’t like, learn to manage yourself.
  2. Develop Great Communications Skills – both 1-1 and to the large groups. Learn to speak well.
  3. Create and align people to a cause – you need every member of the team to move beyond their own wants and needs and be a genuine contributor to the team… for this there needs to be a meaningful cause that is bigger than “winning”. Stuart shared how he wrote to the parents of all the england team players and asked them to share what it meant to them to see their son play rugby for england. This helped him show the players how they represented something much bigger than rugby.
  4. Develop a point of view – people do not want to be led by those without a point of view on life. Develop an opinion on the questions that are important in your field. (A blog is a great tool to develop your opinions).
  5. Be good with people – learn what moves people and how to listen. Ask good questions.
  6. Sense the “mood in the camp” – build a good “radar” and surround yourself with people who will tell you the truth.
  7. Be trustworthy “DWYSYWD” – Do What You Said You Would Do”
  8. Moral courage to do the right thing – especially when it is hard.
  9. Great body language – you are never “off stage”.
  10. Build belief and “make performance meaningful” in yourself and others – it has to be more than “just getting the win” – why will this next win be meaningful?

Loved this from Stuart…

“Always want to Improve”

Stuart Lancaster

Extreme competence + extreme open to learn = Be here 😉

Failure is Carelessness, Success is Consistency

Failure is Carelessness, Success is Consistency

This Sunday I was at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin to watch the key Six Nations Rugby game between Ireland and England.  England won.

The Irish guy sitting next to me says: “We were by far the better team.”

I said “The score doesn’t show that.  We were more entertaining, some great play, individual moments of glory; but we were not the better team according to the rules of rugby.”

2013, Ireland vs England

The English Converted their Opportunities

The Irish team played most of the game in the english half of the field.  There were some inspiring periods of play.  There were some great moves.  However, all of this energy was not converted into points.  The Irish managed to drop the ball, knock it on, run into unsupported positions each time they got near the English try line.

The English got 5 penalties, all far out.  Owen Farrell kicked 4 of the 5 penalties.  12 Points on the board.  12 points all taken from cheap penalties far from the try line.

The Irish created lots of opportunity and scored twice.

The English were pretty boring, but converted 4 out of their 5 opportunities.

Boring and consistent will beat Brilliant and Careless every day.

A golf tournament requires consistent play over 4 days in order to win.  You can lose the tournament in 1 moment, but you cannot win it with one single shot.  I remember many tournaments where some player throws away a 3 shot lead, built up over 3 days… in an instant.

Life is similar.  Success is a few simple good habits repeated every day.  Failure is a moment of carelessness.

I cross the road everyday.  I look both ways every day.

Brilliant but careless against boring and consistent.

Consistent beats Careless

Your ability to get “Return on Luck” is more important than Luck.

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