Create, Connect, Complete

This is my theme for 2012.

Create, Connect, Complete.

Two bloggers inspired me to give up on setting goals or resolutions at this time of year and instead take time to reflect on the trends of the last 12 months and establish 3 overall guiding principles for the coming 12 months.

The first is Steve Shapiro, author of Goal Free Living and my mentor 12 years ago during my time in the London office of Accenture.  He talks about making resolutions that work here on his blog.

The second is Chris Brogan.  Each year Chris picks 3 words that are his “theme” for the coming 12 months.

My 2011 words were “Local, Global, No“.  (Live Local, work Global, say “No” more).  I did a pretty good job in everything except the “No” part.  I still tend to allow too many non-priority things to get into my days.

Looking towards 2012

My 3 words for 2012 are “Create, Connect, Complete“.  These three words give some sense to the chaos of dreams, goals, ideas and desires for the next year.

What will I do in 2012?  I don’t know.  No specific plans, but I want to know that I will reflect on each activity I take part in and ask if it is contributing to Create, Connect, Complete.

Complete is the challenge.  I have a lot of personal projects that I have got to 50-80% complete and I want to see some of those come to closure in 2012.

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