Hi, I’m Conor Neill, a teacher at IESE Business School and President of Vistage in Spain.  I speak and write about Persuasion, the art of Moving People to Action. I have founded 6 companies and have the privilege of being father to two great little daughters.  I live in Barcelona, Spain.

Moving People to Action

I have published plenty of articles on leadership and persuasion at ForbesIESE InsightQuoraLifehack, Venturebeat and here on my Moving People to Action blog.

vistage-logo-blueVistage is the world’s largest CEO organisation. We work to increase the effectiveness and enhance the lives of leaders.

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What is Persuasion?

  • What does it take to move people to action?
  • What does it take to have impact when you communicate?
  • How can I inspire the people around me to be the best version of themselves?

These are questions that I answer.  I answer these questions with tools that work for politicians, business leaders, entrepreneurs and professors.

Persuasion is Not Manipulation

Where do I begin?

Some of the best posts I have written are (based on audience popularity, level of comments, impact on ideas):

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I blog here.  I teach courses at IESE Business School.  My published articles are here.


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