For Success, you only need 2 out of 3 of…

You only need to choose 2 out of 3 for success:

  • Be like-able
  • Do great work
  • Deliver on time
If you are like-able and deliver on time, people will come back to you.  If you do great work, and deliver on time you will make it.  If you do great work, and are like-able, people will forgive many things.  Pick 2 out of 3 for success.

And 4 more wise statements from Neil Gaiman.

  • “There is luck, and it helps” 
  • “The old rules are crumbling and nobody knows the new rules”
  • “If you cannot be wise, pretend to be someone that is wise and just do it like they would.”
  • “Make Good Art.”
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