“Miracle”: Doesn’t Mean it Doesn’t Work

Miracle doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, it means we don’t understand how it works.

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There are plenty of things I don’t understand, but I know they work.

Plant a seed, grow a tree.  I don’t understand all that happens in the growing of a tree, but I do know that planting an acorn, watering and feeding it: I will get an oak tree.

I help someone out today.  I don’t know exactly how it will come back, but it just always seems to come back to me in some good way.

Goose photo from The Guardian
Goose photo from The Guardian

My friend Florian commented in a seminar recently “persuasion is like a black box: you don’t have to understand why we ask you to put these ingredients in, why they should be in this order: but if you do it, the result is persuasion.”

If you could plant a seed, if you should plant a seed, but: you don’t plant a seed: the miracle process does not start.  I can chant oak tree creation songs, I can toss salt over my right shoulder; but it is the planting of the seed that is the creation of the miracle of the living tree.

The farmer of the goose who laid the golden eggs?  He couldn’t let the miracle “just be”.  He had to break the goose to find how it works, and this broke the miracle.  The impulsive urge to understand everything can break the miracle process.

If you could help someone, should help someone, but don’t: the miracle does not have a chance.

3 responses to ““Miracle”: Doesn’t Mean it Doesn’t Work”

  1. Thank you for helping me out to share your experiences and insight. I believe miracle process has already begun in me thanks to your kind action. I enjoy the process of recovering , growing, and moving into a positive direction. Thank you, Mr. Neil!!

    1. Keep the faith, keep taking little steps Athena 😉

  2. I think about the same thing every time I step on the accelerator pedal in my car. I have no idea how all the inner workings of my vehicle work. And yet, I manage to get from point A to point B every single day. Amazing 😉 If we all took the plunge and let intuition lead us during those times of self-doubt, our civilization could become so much more. Thanks for sharing and have an inspired day!

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