7 Life Lessons from a Broken Foot

This is a guest post by Tobias Rodrigues who will be collaborating with me next week in the IESE Executive MBA intensive week in Barcelona.  Tobias broke his foot this summer - and learnt some surprising lessons about himself, his family and what it means to be dependent on others.  

Over to Tobias…

39 Days, 11 Hours and 30 Minutes of Bandage

On June 29th at 10:30 pm, while I was out enjoying an evening jog, I tripped and broke the 5th metatarsus (the main bone of the pinky) of my right foot. On August 8th at 10:00 am the cast was removed.

3 responses to “7 Life Lessons from a Broken Foot”

  1. Hello Tobias:
    Thanks very much for such a reflective and insightful story. I am a nurse who is used to caring for others as well as being on my feet running for extended periods of time.
    In Dec. 2014 I broke my left foot running downstairs to get on my treadmill in my basement. It is now March 1 and I am preparing to return to work this week. The first couple of weeks after the fracture were excruciating both mentally and physically.
    Your thoughtful story has proved a part of my healing process.
    Thanks Again,

  2. Tobias! Thank you for sharing! Trail running in beautiful fall colors brought me to my knees…..same break…..cast…..frustration….is haunting me now! This too shall pass?!? I’m glad to hear that you are running again….Teaching 20 five years olds with this to the knee cast is more than a challenge!
    You give me hope!
    Valerie in Virginia!

  3. I remember when I had my cast removed on my leg, and that was a very, very long time ago, when I was 13. I can still remember how I kept looking at my leg. I couldn’t get over how my “mended” leg looked terribly thin and lifeless.True, we are not built to be trapped, not at all. We should never be trapped by our feelings, thoughts and past experiences. We should revisit them, that’s fine, but never be trapped by them…

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