What makes a Great School? 100% Enthusiasm, 0% Cynicism… or lots of Music

I'd love you to leave a comment and tell me the answer to this question: Who is the most enthusiastic person that you know? 

Thanks, Conor

Last night, I asked a retired inspector of schools: “What makes a great school?”

His answer… “Music.”

He said that infallibly he would find a thriving musical scene in every great school that he had visited.

When you are surrounded by enthusiastic people, you are willing to take risks and learn; brave tries are celebrated. When you are surrounded by cynics and apathetic people you don’t take risks and any effort at bravery is laughed at and mocked.

On Friday I attended the YouTube Creators day in Barcelona. It struck me just how powerful a room full of enthusiastic people can be. There was no cynicism and no apathy. All efforts at Learning, trying and courage to take risks were celebrated.

Making movies #YouTube

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PS My own answer is: Florian Mueck (http://www.florianmueck.com/florian/)


  1. Conor. I think you are the man. It is not just to flatter you but I am serious. I look forward to your weekly video blog . I love your infectious smiles and scenery. You genuinely enthusiastic.

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  2. Prof. Marc Sachon. To the best of my knowledge, he’s started every class in the last two decades with a “Welcome to the wonderfull world of Operations!” I call this criminally enthusiastic.


  3. My German Barcelona-crew: Christoph Reisner, Henrik Sprengel, Holger Sprengel & Timo Buetefisch. Together with you and Rose, those guys were my fuel to keep me going during those rough days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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