What makes a Great School? 100% Enthusiasm, 0% Cynicism… or lots of Music

I'd love you to leave a comment and tell me the answer to this question: Who is the most enthusiastic person that you know? 

Thanks, Conor

Last night, I asked a retired inspector of schools: “What makes a great school?”

His answer… “Music.”

He said that infallibly he would find a thriving musical scene in every great school that he had visited.

When you are surrounded by enthusiastic people, you are willing to take risks and learn; brave tries are celebrated. When you are surrounded by cynics and apathetic people you don’t take risks and any effort at bravery is laughed at and mocked.

On Friday I attended the YouTube Creators day in Barcelona. It struck me just how powerful a room full of enthusiastic people can be. There was no cynicism and no apathy. All efforts at Learning, trying and courage to take risks were celebrated.

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PS My own answer is: Florian Mueck (http://www.florianmueck.com/florian/)

17 responses to “What makes a Great School? 100% Enthusiasm, 0% Cynicism… or lots of Music”

  1. Conor. I think you are the man. It is not just to flatter you but I am serious. I look forward to your weekly video blog . I love your infectious smiles and scenery. You genuinely enthusiastic.

  2. The most enthusiastic person I know is Ben Hindman, the CEO of Splash, the company I work at 🙂

  3. HI Conor, my vote would be for my niece, Annabelle… http://www.lamaestraloca.com
    A Spanish teacher, who uses comprehensible input to make language learning what it can be,enjoyable and rewarding. Oh and also she also uses music in her class!

    1. I like the name of her website!

  4. Prof. Marc Sachon. To the best of my knowledge, he’s started every class in the last two decades with a “Welcome to the wonderfull world of Operations!” I call this criminally enthusiastic.

    1. Wow… and for Operations 😉

  5. Personally: My brother.
    Professionally: The first that comes to mind is Juanmi Olivares (masymejor.com)

    1. Thanks Seb. I’ll check out http://masymejor.com

  6. My German Barcelona-crew: Christoph Reisner, Henrik Sprengel, Holger Sprengel & Timo Buetefisch. Together with you and Rose, those guys were my fuel to keep me going during those rough days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    1. Hell yeah! Timo is right up there on my list ;-)))

  7. To me this is my crew at Blackboat, they get up in the morning and rock the day no matter what’s happening. They pull me along if I have a bad start and make the magic happen. I see it as a great gift to work like that

  8. Without a doubt that would have to be my crazy wife Jasmine. There’s no stopping her once she gets going, and her enthusiasm is infectious.

  9. Charlie Easton – Left London went to Vancouver and travels the BC outback painting https://charlieeaston.com (and Conor Neill!). Always come away from time with them feeling enriched, excited and clearer about what life is about.

  10. Conor Neill definitely:)

    1. You are very kind Añññiiiiiiii 😉

  11. Conor Neill

    1. Haha 😉 You are Awesome amigo.
      Without you I would never have learnt that the universe is perfect, has always been perfect and will always be perfect!

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