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Speech Structure - We focus on persuasion using the Logos Speech Structure during this course.
Powerful Openings - Grab attention with your first 10 words. Only 3 ways to start a persuasive speech.
6 Laws of Influence - Humans are highly likely to move to action in 6 types of situation.

Conor Neill runs Persuasive Communications seminars at IESE Business School, one of the World's top MBA schools (#1 in FT, 2012). President of Vistage in Spain.

He runs a popular blog at   

He is the lucky father of two wonderful daughters.

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“I really appreciate the speech structures that we have worked on. This helps me a lot with quickly creating presentations today.”

Senior Manager, Sony

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Speaking As A Leader: full list of Email Lessons

Email #1.  Getting Started with your Webcam 
Email #2.  The "Ice-Breaker" - Connecting with People 
Email #3.  Learning from Others: What works? 
Email #4.  Begin to Communicate Values 
Email #5.  The Secret of Consulting
Email #6.  Evaluating Spoken Communication 
Email #7.  Increasing Vocal Power 
Email #8.  The Rule of Three 
Email #9.  Three Words for the Future 
Email #10.  Pain - Benefits - Improvement


Director, Microsoft

“I learned a very simple structure in giving speeches that will help me going forward.”


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Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email... Everyone is a broadcaster these days. 

Online and offline, I find myself in a sea of noise... an ocean of information. We are drowning in information but we are starved of meaning. 

Why do we work? Why do we get up when the alarm rings, why do we work to finish the presentation, why do we do as our boss asks? 

If you want to be heard, you’d better learn to tell better stories.

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