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Speak as a Leader: 10 weeks email-driven course

Congratulations on Finishing the Course

Congratulations from Conor

I am glad that this has been a positive experience for you.

If you have any ideas that could help improve the experience for others, I’d love if you used the comments below the post to share with me.

Who else would benefit from this course?

Would you send them to the page: http://conorneill.com/improve-your-speaking?

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I will share blog posts and new videos every so often with the email list.  I hope that will work for you.

Well done on taking these first steps.  Great job.

You have my respect for staying on this journey.

– Conor


Use the comments below for any questions you have about the course or this particular exercise.

33 responses to “Speaking as a Leader | Thanks for your Positive Feedback”

  1. First of all, thank you for delivering such nice course. The idea of weekly lessons is brilliant. At the beginning, I was a bit skeptic of recording myself on camera but after 3rd time got more comfortable. Definitely, this course improved my confidence in providing presentations and making new contacts. I like the way you share the stories on yt movies …
    Once again thank you and Kind Regards From Poland 🙂

  2. Worthy of doing for a lifetime!

  3. Fadel Ramadan,PMP (@fadelramadan86) Avatar
    Fadel Ramadan,PMP (@fadelramadan86)

    for a year I was practicing in privet , I made all the lessons and practiced well , later when r joined Toastmasters club, and delivered my uce breaker they were shocked I was much above then a beginner and the reason was :I used to turn the camera and speak , delete and shoot another vedioes , when it came to a prepared speech it was as easy as drinking water 😂

    Thank you Sir , you are indeed moving people to action
    and one day you will share my story in one of your videos I will be good example just like Kalyan 😎

    I wrote two articles about projects management , I made one video in YouTube and I joined Toastmasters I am on the right path , thanks to you

  4. Thanks Conor for the possibility sharing your great know-how in cummunicating.
    When I started the course I didn’t expect that it is just a view rules to consider to bring it to the point. You’re right, regulary training and practice is essential for success in communication.

    1. Thank you! Keep on switching on that webcam 😉

  5. Thank you so much for this course. I’m a frequent public speaker but still lacking a bit of confidence and polish that I feel holds me back. I have done many leadership courses, careers coaching, public speaking classes and even have an MBA at one of the UK’s top programmes. Yet, I found your course one of the best I’ve taken. It was straightforward, with concrete and specific advice, tailored to the tone of the contemporary professional environment. The use of the webcam as a learning tool is also useful and innovative. It’s hard to pinpoint why I found the content of this course so much different and better than other, similar courses, but it really resonated with me. Thank you very much for putting it together. I have recommended it to friends!

  6. Salam Alaikum; (it means: Peace on you)
    Thank you Mr Conor for your caring for us and for whose learning english, you fire a great will on me, on everyone who wants to be better.
    your advice is not just words, it gave me a power, a wish, an ambition …….. so one day, I will have to speak an academic english.
    Thank you Mr Conor,
    waiting for your advice.

  7. Thank you Mr. Conor for your advice during the course. I was happy to find new information and to share it with my students, it was amazing how we enjoyed your guidance. Thank you.

  8. Thanks Conor, I’ve been following you for two years and although I don’t know you personally I owe you a lot. This has been really a great course, practic. Thanks to you finally I am creating a habit, speaking to the camera each day!

  9. I respect your commitment to your craft. You are a teacher as I am in my promotion of baby boomer fitness.

  10. I have become a big fan of you. I learnt a lot from your site. Would want to improve more.with this i need to present a nice catch topic to my dept. Would like you to help me.i have got the confudence but still need tips in the starr and ending and also to clear my butterflies.

    1. Great to hear from you Laxmi! What are your goals for 2015?

  11. Thank you Conor.. You are giving right inputs at right quantity. Your points are highly practical and helpful. I admit the fact that your lessons made some change in very short time even without practicing the way you want.

  12. Very helpful, thank you

  13. A very practical way of improving speaking skills. Thanks, Conor.

  14. Hello Cronor,
    this is to say thank you very much for the instructions on how to be a good public speaker (leader). Your direction (s) is helping tremendously.
    huge thumb up for the great work you are doing!

  15. Alexandre Mello Avatar
    Alexandre Mello

    Thanks Conor. Publishing such knowledge for free and all the work you had to do it… all I have to say is thank you again. I´ll continue my practice, my pursuit for more knowledge and aiming in teachers like you. I wish you the best, and continue your great work!

    1. Thank you Alexandre

  16. You are wonderful person. You are really a great speaker. i’m surprised and I’m really thankful for you. Your lessons was very productive for me and I would like to wish you more success

  17. Thank you Connor, for making such material available for free. The exercises are really good and the pace is just perfect. I hope to have the chance of meeting you face to face some day. Greetings from Brazil.

  18. Dear Conor,
    The10 week course was interesting, challenging and the exercises constructively crafted. The breath of material covered should prove helpful
    in providing a framework for individuals to build on their own knowledge and experiences as well continue their learning as they improve their communication skills.
    The overall programme was excellent and the resource references valuable.

    Thank you.


    1. Thank you John – and a real pleasure to meet you in Dublin in January 😉

  19. Thank You very much Dear Conor, It is amazing how it could be very useful your course, I hope to be able to put in practice and…..
    No pain No gain……

  20. Alba Lucia Hincapié Avatar
    Alba Lucia Hincapié

    Hi Conor,
    Thank you very much for all the great advice during the course. It has helped me a lot with my presentations. I also follow your tips in your videos and web page. I just need to practise more. I will give my Icebreaker speech at the toastmasters club on Thrusday and I will send it to you!! :). Look forward to the next course!!

    1. I look forward to seeing your icebreaker! thanks and keep up the journey 😉

  21. I salute Mr. Conor. I am really thankful for your help through the 10 week public speaking course. This course has helped me improve my speaking and confidence though I have not finished practising the whole batch of the course due to tight working schedule. But I am following your advice. I read your notice, I listen you and other clips, and practise for at least three minutes to one hour if there is ample time for me.Moreover, I am trying to see myself the kind of a person want to be in ten years from now.

    1. Thank you for your feedback James. It is a worthwhile path. It took me 10 years before I actually look at my videos and think “wow, I sound like I know what I am talking about!” 😉

  22. Thank you Conor, for your guidance through this 10 week journey. I was not able to do all the assignments but I eventually will. You see, I am trying to make some of your suggestions a habit, a way of life, not just something I do now and never do again. God bless.

    1. Thank you for the feedback – and I love the idea of working these actions into regular habits. One brilliant day won’t make you a success; many, many good average days will bring you success 😉

  23. Hi Conor. Thank you for being an offering to us pouring your knowladge in us. The course has change my the way I prepare my speech and the way I deliver it. Thank you Sir. May God continue to increase you

    1. Thank you Sibusiso 😉

  24. I hardly have any opportunity to deliver presentations to an audience but I wanted to use the course help me present arguments in team meetings or the phone i.e. my everyday communication skills. For my objectives, the course was useful but perhaps of limited value.

    1. Thank you. I understand. I will think about how I can make the objective of the course more explicit on the initial “sales” page so that the expectations are much clearer.

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