Speak as a Leader Online Course

Speak as a Leader is an email driven course. You will learn to deliver speeches that are interesting and lively so that you can capture and maintain your audience’s attention.

Learn more about the free Speak as a Leader course.

About the Speaking as A Leader Program

Speaking as A Leader is an email driven course. For each of the next 10 weeks you will receive one lesson, resources and a specific task to complete with your webcam.

You will learn to deliver speeches that are interesting and lively so that you can capture and maintain your audience’s attention.

Persuasion – Online Video Lessons

Question: “I have recently started becoming aware of the importance of knowing how to communicate your ideas and I am interested to find out which steps I could follow to start improving my skills.”

Answer: Great to hear from you. This is a great place to start.

Video Series: Speaking as A Leader:

  1. The 4 Steps to Great Speaking
  2. The 5 Aspects of a Powerful Voice
  3. The 3 Pillars of Persuasion
  4. How to Be More Confident
  5. The 4 Types of Audience
  6. The 4 Ways to Handle Anxiety
  7. How much should I practice?

Important Posts on Public Speaking

Great Books on Public Speaking

Presenting to Win, Jerry Weisman

Is a good overview of the business speaking material

Lend me Your Ears, Max Atkinson

Is a great overview of political speaking and the rhetorical tools for persuasion

Get Practicing

Join your local Toastmasters chapter.  Toastmasters is the best program to develop your public speaking skills if you really mean to take it seriously.

One comment

  1. Conor

    Are you visiting South Africa one or the other time?

    We would love to attend any event that you would have here, as it is still some time before I visit Spain for the first time?

    I always, love your messages, you are one of my Bench Marks.

    Dirk van Der Walt

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