6 ways to really use a day

I had a shower this morning and in the moments of pause between shampoo and soap it hit me. Another day gone. Another shower. Another day beginning. Where are they all going so fast?  What am I doing with all this time?

My little late night brainstorm:  Six ways to make sure today is not another indifferent 24 hour step towards the future:

  1. Travel – get out and see something new. A new sight. 
  2. Teach – help another grow and learn
  3. Create – a product. A drawing with my daughter.  A YouTube film.  A Thai curry (with cashews).
  4. Connect – call and really talk to an old friend.
  5. Help – pick someone and really go out of my way to help them achieve something
  6. Write – words.  Might lead to a legacy? or an insane asylum…
This post was inspired by a recent post by Sean Platt at pickthebrain.com.