Kind and Tough, How a Boss should be

I read an interview with Kathy Button Bell in the NY Times yesterday.  She is Chief Marketing Officer at Emerson.

She talks about being coached by the U.S. Olympic Lacrosse coach during her time at Princeton:

Kind and Tough, How a Boss should be
“She just knew how to inspire you to do more. The thing she always tried to teach me to do is not say I’m sorry. I was so painfully polite, and if I missed a pass or something I’d apologize. She said, “You need to get over that.” She was kind and tough, which are maybe the two best things that a boss could be.”

And on focus:

Just do the top three things
“The mistake people make is they try to do everything. Dave Farr, our C.E.O., says that if you have a to-do list of 10 things, rip it and do three. Just do three.”

Have a great day.  What are your three things for the day?

What are your thoughts?

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