How to video yourself speaking

How to make a video of yourself speaking:

The simplest way on any Operating System (Mac, PC, Linux)
Youtube has a tool that allows you to record yourself: My Webcam

This works on any platform.  It is simple interface that allows you to record, review the recording and publish to youtube.  Publishing to youtube is optional.

Other video options on a Mac
Use Photobooth.

Other video options on a PC
Windows Vista has no application that allows you to video yourself using the webcam.  I recommend Debut Video Capture (link to Softonic download).  It is a simple interface, that also allows you to create simple videos of your screen – good for product demonstrations.

What speech will you practice today?
Record 3 minutes today.  I recommend you start with “The Ice-Breaker” – This is the first speech that each new member of Toastmasters Organisation prepares.  Andrew Dlugan describes how to prepare a good ice-breaker speech on his blog SixMinutes.

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  1. Today is my day one for the 10 weeks Speakers and Leaders training. Though I have been doing videos online. I’m going to participate in this training.

  2. Sir you know that iam a new student of your course and iam very weak in english not only in speaking and writting but also in listening. I can,t betterly understand your lecture as well so iam heartly requesting u to special guide for me………thank you…..

  3. Hi Conor, this is third day of recording videos on web cam. Today I was more comfortable with webcam. Somehow, I don’t know how to evaluate these video, so that I can make progress and, as the English is my second language, I am little confused here what to do first like, should I care about grammar or pronounciation ?

  4. Saurav Singh Arora Avatar
    Saurav Singh Arora

    My Quest to become a better and effective speaker / communicator has got me here and today I am beginning my 10 week journey. Excited and believe I would be able to take these learning into my real practical life, where it matters the most.

    1. Keep turning on that webcam… day by day you will steadily see improvement…

  5. I am really impressed and benefited by your course. I am in the sixth week now.
    Can I get it clarified in case i have any doubts in improving more on it.

    Like I am heading the R&D team. As I was not used to giving speeches or presentations, I feel nervous in front of the gathering.

    Your course is helping me a lot to do this. Still I may need your moral support going forward. As I treat you as my mentor in public speaking.

  6. Sergio Pinheiro Rodrigues Avatar
    Sergio Pinheiro Rodrigues

    I had already done it – in my first language, of course – using my IPhone, but whithout postng on YouTube

  7. how it would be ?

  8. I write speeches given by some good speakers on paper and after learning it I speak the same in front of my webcam……Am I going right?

    1. That is a good practice for hearing how good speeches are put together, but you should also be saying things that come from you.

  9. […] How to video yourself speaking – webcam is single most valuable tool in improving your oral communication […]

  10. Hi Conor, trying to get my video through to you. This is a great learning exercise for me. Thanks for tip re YouTube, hope it gets through to you.
    Sheryl Bishop

    1. I saw the link but the video is “private” – you can make it “unlisted”?

  11. Awesome course! I’m on lesson #2 and I’m very excited. Thank you very much Conor!

    1. Fantastic Ruben 😉 Keep turning on that webcam!

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