The Myth of Balance in Life

I am reading Mitch Joel’s blog where he tells a story of Patrick Pichette, CFO of Google, responding to a question: “Do you have work/life balance?”

With all of the perks, gimmicks and toys that seem to be part of the life of a Googler, and their commitment to 20% time to focus on areas of your own interest… this could be an interesting answer.

Patrick’s answer:  “You don’t take a job like this if you want balance”.

I love the simple honesty.  It rings true.

Anything worthwhile comes with required sacrifices.  I wrote last week about choosing to suffer for 15 minutes each day.

The key is that the arrangement is a conscious choice, an open accepting of the realities of life.  Idealism creates a lot of suffering.  Patrick could be an idealist and say “I want to be successful at Google, and play golf off of a 3 handicap, and be home every day by 6pm…”  but then he would not be CFO at Google…

Reality can suck, but it is real.

What do you think? Let me know you were here ;-)

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