Terrible or Fantastic? Do we need more Shoes?

In the late 1870s, A Dublin-based shoe company sent 2 salespeople from their head office to a new territory in rural Africa.  The two salespeople, Willy and Jimmy, travelled out on boat, trains and foot to reach the rural African areas that was to be their new sales area.

2 months later, 2 telegrams arrived in the Dublin headquarters.

The first telegram from Willy read “Terrible news. They don’t wear shoes.”

The second telegram from Jimmy read “Fantastic opportunity. Never seen a greater need for shoes. Much work to do.”

Are you seeing the world as Willy or as Jimmy?

3 responses to “Terrible or Fantastic? Do we need more Shoes?”

  1. I didn’t know those guys were Irish! 🙂

    1. Two guys are getting seated on an airplane. As they get settled, one turns to the other and asks:
      “Hello, where are you from?”
      American (smugly) “I am from the greatest country on Earth”
      “Wow, me too; but you don’t look Irish”

  2. I’d like to have many more Jimmy’s around…

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